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    Quote from Rhoben
    Alright, someone send me ClearFont2 and I am grateful for that. It didn't work though. Then, I was enlightened. So, I downloaded Tekticles, then took Calibri v0.9 out of ClearFont2 folder, and renamed it the exact same way the font files for Tekticles were named. Copied 'em into Tekticles folder, and voila. No need to play around with code or anything. I believe you could do that with exactly any kind of font you have. Just rename it to Calibri, CalibriBold, CalibriItalic and CalibriBoldItalic and enjoy your font of choice.

    Hey man, any chance I could get that Calibri v0.9 from you? I have been looking for it everywhere and can't find it. Its my favorite. Email address is [email][/email]
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