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    posted a message on XRaidStatus
    Quote from icetrain »

    nice, I just thought of something else. Tracking paladin buffs would be nice to, since each of the have two versions (5m and 15m duration), I assume it needs to be added in the code.

    Blessing of Kings
    Greater Blessing of Kings

    Blessing of Light
    Greater Blessing of Light

    Blessing of Might
    Greater Blessing of Might

    Blessing of Salvation
    Greater Blessing of Salvation

    Blessing of Sanctuary
    Greater Blessing of Sanctuary

    Blessing of Wisdom
    Greater Blessing of Wisdom

    Noticed that it seems to just do single buffs now. Know you don't play on alliance side but thought I'd point out it doesn't do the greater ones atm.

    Suggestion: Perhaps have a check to see if more then 1 of x class is missing their assigned blessing. If they are cast the greater one on whoever. If it's only 1 cast the 5 minute one.

    Or if it's simpler just have it always cast greater. I donno how others feel about that one though. I've not checked how prist buffs are handed for group vs. individual so I can't really offer anything past that. Personaly I'd like shift+Left click to cast the greater, instead of the buff check, but that's just me.
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    posted a message on SystemTray
    was wondering how this is doing? one of the things I was really looking forward to seeing.
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    posted a message on PRaid2 in Trunk
    Quote from cladhaire »

    Quote from m0j0 »

    would it be very different from Praid1? 

    /em looks into the code for Praid1

    I have no idea what you're asking.

    Quote from cladhaire »

    Siz ways to do this:

    1.) Submit a patch to me that adds the appropriate code
    *snip* sorry ;)

    That being said, Capnbry already has a patch for voffset, and we're discussing group numbers.

    Believe they are asking: If they were to try to patch group #'s for PRaid2 would the code needed be would be very different from the code used for PRaid 1. :)
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    posted a message on Interest poll for supporting wowace's own svn server among other things.
    Don't post much.. and just really getting into ACE mods. But I've already set up a reoccuring donation (Aideenwolf). :)

    I believe the only thing I perfered over the /files was the ability to view the logs with the changes. I know the script puts a text file inside the zips but it doesn't quite have the same effect as being able to see what changed what was removed what was added and at what time in a pretty little window that turtle provides.

    Guess I'm just a little anal about seeing each detail that goes into changes... most of the time I learn more from looking at the changed code then from tryin to start from scratch.

    If it's chosen to keep SVN dev only perhaps a high donation side option could be the ability to continue to use the SVN even if you are not a dev? Just a thought.
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    posted a message on BigWigs
    Quote from EC »

    Oops, sorry typo on my end.  There is no Ace2 Version of SW Stats that I know of.

    Shame on you getting peoples hopes up.. tisk tisk ;p
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    posted a message on oRA2
    Quote from briggsy »

    Quote from Tanque »

    Regarding the MT frames.  I won't repeat the other suggestions regarding smoothing out the ergonomics of putting tanks up and taking them off.  But I'd like to mention my preference for more compact frames by default.  There's simply more information on those windows than necessary and trimming them can reduce the amount of space they take up considerably.

    Right now they look like this:
    |1.<icon>Tank 100%| |1.<icon>Mob 100%| |1.<icon>Target 100%|
    |2.<icon>Tank 100%| |2.<icon>Mob 100%| |2.<icon>Target 100%|
    |3.<icon>Tank 100%| |3.<icon>Mob 100%| |3.<icon>Target 100%|

    You can make them look cleaner by trimming them down to this:
    |<icon>Tank| |<icon>Mob| |<icon>Target|
    |<icon>Tank| |<icon>Mob| |<icon>Target|
    |<icon>Tank| |<icon>Mob| |<icon>Target|

    IMO there dosnt need to be Icons on all 3 Bars.

    Personaly as a tank I like the symbols on the windows. Lets me see who is on my target so I can yell at them for taunting it off me.  :P Also helps with setting up when there's no assist to target. But that's just me.

    For my healer I can see how it wouldn't make a differance and the slimed down verion would be nice.
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    posted a message on idChat2
    I noticed the "sticky channel" I was wondering if this also includes "Forcing" channels to remain a certin #?

    ATM I have
    1 - General
    2 -
    3 - My channel
    4 - Alt Class channel
    5 - Class channel

    Thought I would ask before I changed over compeatly.
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    posted a message on Alternitive to Outfitter:

    Reason I use it: Auto Generated sets. (quite simply update in chunks so instead of changing one item a a time it will auto select the best items in my bags to create the best outfit for whatever I decided to use)

    Tried out AceWardrobe but didnt do that.. so suggestion for that I guess. might be a little lazy, but for someone that just doesn't understand how to calculate what is best for me to wear would take a lot more hours then I really got atm :\
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    posted a message on SCT 6.0 / SCTD 3.0
    I don' know if this is possable.. but I thought I would throw it out there.

    Currently if you have SCT set as a horizontal (right for this example) layout it random's where the text goes to the SCT1 or SCT2. What I would like it to do is:

    Damage in -> fade direction
    Text 1 ->
    Text 2 ->
    Text 3 ->
    Text 4 ->
    Text 5 ->

    Then start over at 1 again. If this isn't really clear I'll draw up a pictre :)
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    posted a message on Detox
    What debuff weren't you able to clean, and are you sure you have the appropriate spell in your spellbook? - There is only one level for a paladin

    Also, are you using any localized client? - I'm undsure what this question means :\

    Did the debuff show on the live list, and was the live list filtered (aka only showing stuff you can cure yourself)? - I didn't turn on the live list. I suppsoe I should have. Will check after BWL. I do beleive Del answered it.

    2. Do enemy magic debuffs such as MC show (can pallies clean them?) - No they don't yes we can clean them. Life tap also does not show. See final note

    3. whats the name of the paladin spell? Cleanse

    Final Note: As far as I could tell any and all magic based debuffs were not working for us in a filtered setting. As I said I will try again after BWL and see if it's just when it's filterd or if it shows at all.
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    posted a message on Detox
    figured I post this up.. since I didn't see where else to put it.

    Playing my paladin today noticed that it's not detecting magic as something I can cleanse.

    Almost forgot using Detox-r10631 :)
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