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    So i play a druid and im redoing my UI, And i use the FBN addon to help me with my feral rotation, But it dont fit it, i was wondering if it was possible if anyone can help me add a border to it into the LUA, i only know how to edit some parts in LUA i dont fully understand it, if any1 has added a border or can help it would be really nice :) thx
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    Sorry if this isent ment to be posted here not 100% sure were it would go,

    Anyway, before i quit WoW a few months ago i saw people were editing there DBM bars to make them more in there "flavor" since coming back i cant seem to fine the right file i was ment to edit or if it is even still possible, It would be nice if we still can as the DBM bars are boring by default and want more exciting bars to fit my rogues new UI.
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