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    Finally forced myself to switch from CastYeller 1 to CastYeller 2.
    Love all the new features (after initial time took me to understand non-trivial interface logic). Got some questions if you dont mind :)

    1. I failed to find how i differentiate raid environment from party one. I'll list it on two examples:
    a). CY1 was correctly yelling about Tranquility used on party channel (it works only on party anyways), CY2 yells about it on raid - if you're in raidgroup.
    b). I beleive you could forbid announcing of certain spell over raid and still could use party announcement in CY1. Like on Faction Champions encounter i'll use a million of Cyclones and dont really want them all being announced over raid. But i want Cyclones being announced over party when im doing arenas with my friend. And i couldnt find a way how i still can use party announcement when im in party and forbid using it in raid group - only this certain spell, not all of them via global broadcast settings.

    sidenote: i tried to make a workaround for Tranquility via putting "GROUP|Tranquility" in custom template (like in your commentary above) but instead of taking that as code it just announces it like a text string: << "GROUP|Tranquility" >> over raid :-\

    2. Also, talking about Cyclones. Is there a way to announce target_class instead of target_name? I tried changing [ ${TARGET}] to [ ${TARGETCLASS}], addon accepted it (didnt accept [ ${TARGET_CLASS}], for example) but failed to announce that part of the string. In arena (or that Faction Champions boss) we dont really care/notice the names of our enemies but we surely notice their classes. So the class becomes the actual name of an enemy imo.

    3. And another question from pvp area.
    a). Can CY2 announce CC's used on me? i.e. i'm being sapped/blinded/cycloned/feared/etc? And if so do i need to actually add all those spells in settings so CY2 could monitor those debuffs on me?
    b). Can CY2 announce enemy buffs? i.e. enemy innervate/hymn of hope/evocation/drinking/etc? And if so do i need to add all that spells to settings as well?
    c). Can CY2 announce CC's used on my party member?

    I hope thats not too much questions :)
    ps I'm using CastYeller2-v1.0.zip atm.

    Edit: I forgot to propose my possible solutions :)
    Global settings are good when you want to disable something completely. But each spell should have an ability to overwrite global settings at least in some ways imo, for example user should be able to set Tranquility to be announced over party only at all times. And for some spells like Cyclone/Berserk/etc a check-box "disable announce when in raid-group" would be very handy to avoid kicking from raid due to excessive spam.
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