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    Just given this a go, and everything seems really good so far.

    But reading through all these posts, just wanted to 100% confirm one thing!

    Am I correct in thinking that there is no code output for each individual boss kill + attendees and loot? We award DKP per boss, so we track each boss kill as a seperate raid effectively. I am currently using NRT to track this, and it works really well. It records each boss kill individually and allows me to upload the data from 1 boss at a time (by right-clicking on the recorded boss in the interface). It's just not as 'robust' as Headcount seems to be, and it seems to have some real problems assigning loot to bosses correctly.

    As far as I can see so far, Headcount just records the log for the entire raid, and associates all loot to the raid, as opposed to individual bosses. Am I missing an option somewhere to extract the data for each indivdual kill? I have tried to right-click on each boss to see if there is an option, but it seems not.

    Cheers, THM
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