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    posted a message on GRID: test mode?
    My english is not so good, I hope I can explain what I'm looking for that you understand me ;) :

    For example I'm trying to configure a profile for 15 persons... to see how much space that will take is fine but without joining BG's I can't see if the center icon ist too big/small, if the Nameplates are laying over -health.

    It would be very helpfull (not only for Grid beginners)to have a test mode where you see 15 (or more if you?re configuring another layout) buttons for every player to what effect the changes I do have for my layout.

    ....difficult to explain in english.....

    To understand what I want maybe I explain how I use Grid:

    Grid has a static place in my interface - and every profile should fit into that place. I'm using several profiles for several cases (Alterac, Arathi, Raid, Group...and every profile has another look to make it fit in the special Grid place). When I want set up a new profile I create one, take one standard layout and configure that one for my special needs.

    While I'm configuring this I can't see what effect some things (like debuffs, death, corner icons, center icons, etc.) have until I join a battleground or raid to see it live.

    So I'm asking if it is possible to have a test mode which will look like it would in a full group in a raid or bg.

    Staying by the 15 persons example in the testmode I want to see 15 buttons for each player, one with debuff, one dead, one out of range, one with incoming heal, etc. (can be static) so that I can see without joining Alterac if everything looks like I want it to look.

    In Alterac i don't need names to heal, in a group of 5 the buttons for each can be bigger, show more informations and so on...

    Maybe test mode is the wrong word: configure mode is more what I want. I think what I'm trying to explain is exactly what other users where looking for when they are asking for a test mode.

    Hope you can understand my bad english, if not just ask - I'll try to explain it better ;).
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    posted a message on GRID: test mode?
    but that doesn't help - just see a background is not very helpfull if you normally have the background turned off.
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    posted a message on GRID: test mode?
    Quote from ArcadianDelSol »

    sorry if its an easily discovered feature that I missed.

    me too ;) entering alterac makes no sense if i want to configure grid for 25 persons....
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    posted a message on [deDE] Shattrath notes not appearing on minimap since 2.4.2, zone renamed
    stimmt :) aber zum l?schen und ?ndern f?nd ich es schon praktischer die auch auf der Weltkarte zu sehen :)
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    posted a message on [deDE] Shattrath notes not appearing on minimap since 2.4.2, zone renamed
    same problem here:

    notes created through ctrl+rightclicking show on worldmap but not on minimap

    notes created through /nt (_NoteTarget) appear on the minimap, but not on the world map

    ctrl+rightclicking saves notes for Shattrath City
    ["Shattrath City"] = {
    [59911890] = {
    ["icon"] = "Cross",
    ["title"] = "Seherbank",

    /nt saves notes for Shattrath
    ["Shattrath"] = {
    [42259295] = {
    ["creator"] = "NoteTarget",
    ["info2"] = "L72 Elite Nicht spezifiziert Krieger",
    ["titleCol"] = 33023,
    ["icon"] = "Diamond",
    ["title"] = "G'eras",

    @Nathanyel hast du vielleicht bereits selbst eine L?sung gefunden?

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