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    Unfortunately the site won't let me search, so I don't know if this has been addressed elsewhere... And it won't recognize my login for the official Prat 3.0 discussion on the wowace forums that are linked to from the addon page itself. That being said...

    In the latest version of Prat 3.0, I can no long right click a name in chat and use the "Set Main" option to add their main characters name like I used to be able to. It happened a little while back, and I never noticed if it coincided with a game patch or a new Prat relese version, but another user in the alt.game.warcraft group I belong to says his still works just fine.
    The "Alias" and "AltNames" modules are both active, is one of those the module that does it, or is there another module that controls that that I should be checking? I really miss this feature with a lot of people in my guild making alts here lately...
    Any ideas??
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