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    posted a message on PeriodicTable-3.0
    is it possible to split both Misc.Mount.Flying and Misc.Mount.Normal categories to *.Slow and *.Fast?
    I'm writing a mount-exchanger-addon which uses PT3, but I can't distinguish between slow and fast mounts, so a fast mount in the inventory eventually gets exchanged with a slow mount from the bank.
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    posted a message on oRA2
    yesterday I switched WowAceUpdater from !!!StandAloneLibraries to Automatic Dependancy Mode.
    After examining the source, it refers to http://files.wowace.com/latest-noext.xml for which libraries are needed (this file is probably autogenerated via the TOC-files).
    oRA2 states in X-Embeds, that it needs "Window-1.0", but the official name is "WindowLib".
    Please update the TOC so that Automatic Dependancy Mode works for that library.

    Thanks a lot and a big "thumbs up" for your great addons :)
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