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    G'day everyone

    Just wondering if there was a mod out there that can show you a players stats
    or if one could be made..

    IE: Tank warrior Defence-502 HP-14634 Armor-17173
    Mage Bonus Damage-843 Mana-10643
    Priest Healer Bonus Healing-1687 Mana-11603

    As one of the Guild leaders of a new guild with over 50 members now
    finding it real hard to get any sense out of the wow armory stats are wrong
    more often than not or members are not yet on our guilds list in armory
    so have to go searching for them and some members can bullshit a little just so they can
    get into a kara run or Gruuls run. so a mouse over tool for seeing a players stats
    would be a great thing i think....
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