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    A recap looks great does the job terrific but one HUGE downside. It creates an enormous sv file.

    One thing I found was that Recap by default captures everyone's combat stats around you. If you turn all that off and have it only collect your own it cuts the amount it needs to save by quite a bit.

    I was also using Critline briefly which has a single purpose, keep track of your highest damage done with each attack type. More of a fun thing, but I couldn't help but get a little grin every time I saw the, "New high damage!" pop up.

    Right now I use both Recap and Combatstats and both in the Titan bar.
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    Pretty nifty. I do use Shopping List, it gives a nice display of things you're looking for after doing a scan with Auctioneer. (I'll switch over to KC as soon as it has all the auction features I want.) There definitely are items I search for often though, I might just have to take a look.
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    That's actually the first add-on idea I had, but I couldn't find any way to do it. Of course it was also the first time I tried to look at any of the events or API so I figured I just didn't know what I was doing. Glad to find out that I still might not have known what I was doing, but at least it really was undoable. ;)
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    On the plus side it does work. :)
    I was using it all last night while searching the Auction House. This definitely will be a must-have add-on for the serious (or not so serious) auction hunter.
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