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    Ok, thanks a lot for the fast reply.

    And great job all in all. :D
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    First I gotta say very nice addon. Fits all my needs and completely outdoes all other mods I've seen for damage (they either miss a feature or a ton of features :P).

    I know you guys are currently busy with fixing the problems popping left and right, but I've noticed something for a while now.

    On my shaman char, recount doesn't count any damage done by fire totems.
    Mainly Seering Totem/ Fire Nova Totem/ Magma Totem.

    I seem to have this problem with many damage mods.

    Is there any way to fix this so that recount will take into account damage done by my totems?

    I have merge pets on (in case it is considered as such), but damage doesn't increase when the totem does any damage.

    I even check the detail of my damage and see each part of my damage (white hits, Windfury hits, shocks) and they are all placed correctly.

    However, totem damage just doesn't show....and it makes a big different in longer fights and in aoe pulls on overall damage.....

    Can you fix it please?

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