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    posted a message on WTF you done with wowace???
    Quote from Bentrizen
    Omg ppl are you nuts? You ruined everything! I tryed to update my addons today and nothing works. I Installed Curse Client - and WoW - nothing works, swarm of bugs, I can't install some of my addons, folder not found errors...

    Maybe you should have tested something before ruin everything???:confused:

    Curse wants to start making money so they are trying to lock down the addons to only work with the curse client .

    do like me and stop using this site now

    curse .com has sold out
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    posted a message on Curse to start Charging money.. I'm gone
    So my curse client says im running a trial of some premium crud and that i can choose to pay for this once the trial is over ...

    I dont think so uninstalling now.

    You wonder why wowmatrix has so many users
    goodbye curse.com

    im done with you.
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