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    posted a message on ButtonFacade: Skins - Official Thread

    I do realise this may not be the most optional thread to ask my question, but after looking around I'm yet to find a better place.

    I've been using SBF for some time now, and I absolutely love it, likewise to the skinn I'm using. However I've experienced a limit in being able to customize the borders.
    I'm currently using a skinn called Sleek. This allowes me to have a rather thick black border, which is nice, as I have a black view port in my ui. However, the limit comes when I wish to add an additional border, a colored border. (Made an example as to how it'd look with help of kgpanels)

    It may seem odd, but as the view port is black, having the first frame black, allow some distance to the icon itself, while the additional border would make it look neat.
    Does anyone know if this is possible to edit? Or if some other skinn supports this?

    Thanks in advance.
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