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    posted a message on DoIKnowYou?
    Quote from glithramir
    I get a error in DoIKnowYou while in Raid.

    Date: 2008-10-29 19:58:05
    ID: 25
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ..\AddOns\DoIKnowYou\DoIKnowYou.lua line 799:
    attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
    [C]: ?
    DoIKnowYou\DoIKnowYou.lua:799: ?()
    DoIKnowYou\DoIKnowYou.lua:986: checkEvent()

    I'm getting this same error when I raid or party with anyone not in the database. It's the only thing that stops us from making this a required guild addon. I don't want to require everyone to use an addon with known issues. Unfortunately I have found NO other addon with a guild sharable rating system. This is absolutely invaluable and a total shame to see it limping along. If the programmer decides to come back and fix it, I'd be more than happy to send a nice donation to support the cause.
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    posted a message on Advance Broadcaster - Rotation Help
    The new AB had "Rotation", but no documentation on HOW to implement it.
    How are messages "grouped" for this to work?
    Is there a message separator to be used in a single ID? or some way to link ID's together?
    There is obviously some simple yet important piece of info left out regarding this process.
    Any help would be most appreciated.
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    posted a message on Cartographer - Guild Positions
    Who do I have to bribe to get Guild Positions with minimap support (hopefully rotating map compatible)? lol
    We are hungry for rotating minimap dots. GuildMap has minimap, but still has not implemented rotating minimap support.
    I would really love to see someone get this one nailed down.

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    posted a message on GuildMap
    When will this get rotating minimap support?
    It's making me crazy to have to point north or look at the main map to find someone.
    Nearly every hunter in our guild uses rotating minimap for easier tracking, I would have thought this would have been considered in this addon.
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    posted a message on Paying Programmer - Guild Report Addon
    CLOSED - Project was completed and delivered.
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    posted a message on Cartographer_GuildPositions addition request!
    GuildMap adds the dots, but does not work for rotating maps, and will give you 2 dots in the main map if guildie is moving.
    This seems to work everywhere though, and the small issues can be overlooked.
    Although I would still love to see the guildie module in Cartographer upgraded a little to do the dots in minimap.
    I already noticed tha Cartographer work perfectly in a rotating minimap, so maybe this holds an answer to guild dots showing correctly in rotating minimap.

    Thanks for the help Siz.

    - Well I was about to make a post in a GuildMap forum, but there isn't one! lol
    Was going to mention the possibility of getting this to work with rotating minimap.
    Alternatively you can face north and it will show the correct dot position. lol
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    posted a message on Cartographer_GuildPositions addition request!
    guildmatemap didn't work in Ironforge though.. i dunno why..
    I will check out GuildMap.. may be a different addon that does the same thing.
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    posted a message on Cartographer_GuildPositions addition request!
    This is another in a long line of great modules.
    I have but one simple request for it, minimap dots.
    How many times have you seen a guild on the main map, and be within several feet but can't find them in the maze of walls and people? lol
    There was an addon that would do this called GuildMateMap.
    That addon had some other unimportant features, and no longer is under development.
    But it would put guild member icons in your minimap, much like party icons.
    This would be most helpful in finding guild member when grouping isn't beneficial.
    Especially if you are both on the move.

    Thank you again WoWAce for all your work!
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    posted a message on Found Cartographer Errors as of last update FIXED easily.
    There is so much here I didn't see this posted, and apologize if any of this was already covered.

    One error was many libraries were being called but failing in cartographer in the standalone.
    When installing the Ace2 Lib these errors disappear.
    I can see where developers would miss this as they would most likely have Ace2 Lib already loaded. lol

    Another issue our guild ran into, and easily fixable, was duplication.
    We use UniUploader/UniAdmin to update all our wow ace addons.
    The new Cartographer pack now installs all it's "pack" modules in sub folders.
    So old "pack" modules like Coordinates, Battlegrounds, ect, are in main addon folders.
    Just delete all Cartographer addons, and reinstall new ones. (note you wont lose map notes doing this)
    Then you will have no duplicate errors when loading.

    I hope this helps with these minor issues.
    Thank you WoW Ace for fantastic addon!
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    posted a message on Paying Programmer - Guild Report Addon
    We require a programmer with an understanding of the World of Warcraft UI, XML, and Lua, to create the following much desired interface addon.
    Group Reporting system.
    Required function.
    -Load frame menu via slash command (/groupreport or /gr)
    -Optional Minimap button.
    -Onclick of a report start button, gather the names and starting levels of everyone in the Party/Raid that is a member of the guild.
    This must ignore all raid members that are not currently in the guild, in it's data.
    -On following clicks of report start button,if a report has already started, an error message requires a confirmation to either start a new report, or continue with current report.
    -Onclick of a report end button will gather the end levels of all players in previous list.
    -On following clicks of report end button,if a report has not already been started, an error message stating no report has been started.
    -Output to a text field list data in comma delimited form when end report button is clicked.
    -Text field must allow selecting and copying of text.
    -Option of an Onclick Copy to clipboard button, of gathered data. (if possible)
    -Option to clear report data, with confirmation (Yes No) message.
    -Close menu button.
    -Must be capable of closing without loss of data.
    -Ability to handle 2-40 player data.
    -Must be stand-alone with no dependencies.
    -Must be compatible with current English version of World of Warcraft.
    -Required to be in English.

    Budget under $250.
    Please contact me with your contract bid. (Lunafiresky@golwow.net)
    Details are also on Guru.
    Serious inquiries only. Will hire lowest bidder with applicable experience.

    Thank you!
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