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    I have read over a ton of pages of questions, and haven't found an answer. Please forgive if this is a repeat.

    I run into a problem when I am morphed in two spots specifically:
    against The Prophet Tharon'ja in Drak'Tharon Keep (not a big deal)
    and when bitten by The Blood Queen in ICC

    In both situations I do not get a Blizzard vehicle UI to use the new abilities. In Drak'Tharon I stand around and do little. In ICC I can't bite when I am a vampire and I cause raid wipes. No new Blizzard buttons appear there, but they appear everywhere else (like at the Colisseum, and Uld against Flame Leviathan). *Edit: the blizzard vehicle UI also works when manning cannons on the Gunship fight in ICC*

    Is there a way to correct the settings so it will work with Bartender?

    *Edit: I found some posts, and enabled Possess Bar for bar 1, and will see if it fixes the error*
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