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    Quote from Torhal
    ... Geo is Zhinjio ...

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    Aight, Drikan's story hurts me.

    First there are two steps to cut down on list data loss with SKG and both are very simple.

    1) Reload your UI after EVERY loot event to force your data to be saved.
    2) Backup your SKG.lua file after EVERY raid night.

    These steps will ensure that your data is backed up and ready for quick use should the ground-zero disaster hit your lists.

    I cannot help you with the reloading of the data, but I can help you with the data backup.

    SKG Web is designed specifically to give your SKG looters a central spot for backing up their data. It provides a central, off-site location for timestamped backups of your guild's data and as a side also provides a nifty display for your latest loot and your lists.

    I am the author of SKG Web and have been working in conjunction with Geo for awhile on it now, and currently am in beta testing with it. You can find it on Curse or here on ace in the projects. The only thing is that your webserver MUST be running PHP5 and MySQL.

    I'm hoping on upgrading SKG Web to release status within the week and ask for help on ideas of what can be implemented to enhance the system further. So feel free to drop tickets if you have a problem or you have an idea to make it better.

    Anyway, Geo, I hope I didn't step on any toes by blatantly adverting the server side for SKG, but I really feel bad for Drikan and his guild.

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    Any word on an update for WoW 3.0.2?
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    I confirm the error on using the keybind to set MT as your current target.

    [2008/03/29 16:12:15-108-x1]: <string>:"Set MT1":1: attempt to call method 'TooltipClick' (a nil value)

    But you can still set via FuBar.

    PlayerTarget is not affected by this.
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