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    posted a message on So what exactly does this do?
    i forgot where i got it, but i have !!!Stand Alone Libraries (or Libs, i forget) and i dont know what it does, i saw it on the main wowace site, but it didnt really talk about it other than just talking about it for the Updater.

    if i get the Updater do i need it?

    oh and the Updater page is sorta... very confusing for myself, rofl, could i just get a brief explanation on how to use it?

    btw sorry if this is in the wrong thread, its the closest one that looked like it was meant for questions.
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    posted a message on simpleMinimap, now with Ace2 goodness
    no no but i am able to move my minimap, and change it, if you had seen the screenshot, i can also move the Quest Tracking box, but if i click to enable Movers, and then i just move my cursor over any of those white boxes, it just shoots right to the middle of my screen, and i cant move it.
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    posted a message on simpleMinimap, now with Ace2 goodness
    now im having trouble with sMM

    when i move the minimap to where i want the features below it are not visible, so i try moving them but when i do that one of the most important features, the one where it tells you how far u have captured a tower or something, shoots right to the middle of my screen, and is unmovable.

    i downloaded sMM from here and i tried redownloading it and same prob came up.


    if that shows a red X:

    now i try moving it but it is stuck there, until i restart my sMM, and reload my ui, then its placed backunder the minimap.

    i would like it where my minimap USED to be, right next to my buffs, but i am unable to move it... i can move the quest things and durability ones tho, but not the flag one...?


    i thot i could come to you guys cause i have read what you have posted, and you seem to be pretty advanced in programming, and more in addons and stuff.
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