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    posted a message on Temperature ?
    I know it's a big no no to call an executable from a mod, but I know Blizzard allows a mod that controls Winamp from within WoW (that uses an exe) and I was wondering if it's possible to write something that could display the current local temperature, maybe in a minimap bubble.
    Heck, it may be possible to do even without an executable, I'm not sure. Some weather modules I've had for my desktop can parse the info from the National Weather Service and I'm not sure the protocols involved to do that , so I'm hoping it's possible to extract that data without actually having an executable.
    The mod could parse in selectable increments by the user (say every 5 or 10 mins) so constant parsing would not hurt WoW's performance or overload the NWS (in fact, I believe you can only parse every so often from the NWS).
    Geniuses, please apply !

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    posted a message on New Idea: Bubble Timer
    I'd like to see if it is possible to make a mod (similar to CountDoom maybe?) that will keep track of Paladin bubbles that could display an icon with a timer countdown with the players name next to it. I'm sure a few Pallys could be bubbled at the same time so I figured the name would come in handy.
    Now I know if a Pally bubbled outside of the chat "awareness" (for lack of a better word) range it would not be probable to get that info, but I believe if the bubble was applied in range for chat to see it I.E. - "Bonethepally gains Divine Shield" then couldn't that be used to trigger a countdown timer?
    Basically I'd like to know when I can cast a spell again on those pesky bubble lovin' Paladins !

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    posted a message on FuBar - QuestsFu
    I too am having this very same lockup problem. I noticed on the character I locked up on, QuestFU showed as "Scanning" then showed my current quests as 16/20 then locked up. Of course, there is no problem at all with my 1st character I logged in.

    Also, can someone explain how I can use the profile? I see the 3 options but I have no idea how to actually profile a character in FuBar.

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