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    posted a message on OneBag 2.0.6026 [Released 7/28/2006]
    First -- I'd like to thank Kaelten for all the work you do on your mods.

    Second -- I am still running into a problem while using Onebag. I think it is an error with the WoWecon addon, but I wanted to post a copy of my e-mail to them here also.


    I am receiving errors while using the WoWecon.com addon and the OneBag addon at the same time in the new patch. The tooltip pops up for just a split second and then disappears when mousing over items in my bags.

    Turning either addon off causes the errors to go away. All other mods that add information to the tooltip seem to work OK with OneBag and the new patch. The following is the error message I get:

    [2007/09/29 00:21:31-1-x10]: WOWEcon_PriceMod\WOWEcon_PriceMod.lua:961: GameTooltip:SetOwner(): Can't set owner to self
    WOWEcon_PriceMod\WOWEcon_PriceMod.lua:961: in function `SetOwner'
    Interface\FrameXML\ContainerFrame.lua:604: in function <Interface\FrameXML\ContainerFrame.lua:600>:
    WOWEcon_PriceMod\WOWEcon_PriceMod.lua:903: in function `UpdateTooltip'
    Interface\FrameXML\GameTooltip.lua:118: in function `GameTooltip_OnUpdate':
    <string>:"*:OnUpdate":1: in function <[string "*:OnUpdate"]:1>

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