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    posted a message on HeadCount - Raid attendance and loot tracker
    Im sorry if this is a stupid question, but I am having trouble understanding how to export the data from Headcount

    I have been using this mod for quite some time, but I would like to be able to view the data on our guild website.

    I checked phpBB_ItemStats choice for export format - but Im not sure if I have to chose something else.

    We use a guildlaunch website.

    Can somebody tell me how I can export this data please
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    posted a message on Altoholic - Official Thread

    thanks for the response.

    i tried to change the code lines but i failed, when i opened up the lua i couldnt find the lines you mentioned.

    however i noticed there was an updated version of altoholic, so i got that, and it seems to have solved my problems

    thank you

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    posted a message on Altoholic - Official Thread
    I have been using altoholic for quite some time, and I really like the mod so I don't want to get rid of it, however I have a problem with it that I'm hoping someone can help me fix.

    All the functions work except the trade skills. Every time I open a recipe book I get a message saying 1 or more of the recipes could not be read and to reopen the recipe book. When I reopen I jsut get the same message and it never fixes it. When I look in the altoholic box, none of my recipes are registering except for the odd one with some toons. I have tried deleting altoholic and all its saved variables and starting from scratch, I have done this several times. I try to get the most recent version of altoholic when I do it from wowace.

    I am wondering if perhaps another of my mods is interfering with altoholic or if there is another problem I am not aware of. Has anyone else had this problem or have any ideas how to fix it?
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