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    Posted on the WoW UI and Macros forums as well.

    The following DogTag worked until I updated my Ace Libraries in attempt to make Cherry Lite fully 2.4 Ready.

    Heres how the DogTag looks:

    [Name] [(AFK or DND:Angle LeaderShort:Paren (MasterLooter ? Text(ML):Paren))] ShortClassification:Paren]

    It should come up (if all options happen to be showing...)

    Absolutrayne<AFK> (L) (ML)

    Instead, the Leader and ML tags are coming up unknown. Any ideas?
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    Heres how it looks with the Tag:


    Same thing without the Parent, just Lacks the Brackets.
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    For some reason, when I type in the [MasterLooter] Tag into PitBulls Style - Custom area, no sort of Notification pops up for it. Any idea why?

    For better verification as to what im poking at, my current tag looks like this:

    [Name] [AFKDND:Angle][LeaderShort:Paren][MasterLooter:Paren]
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    Having a font issue with Pitbull.

    I downloaded a font and added it to shared media, updated the LUA and such, and tried to use it with PitBull, this happens.


    That is all that will display for it. Ive tried resizing the font, changing Pitbulls visual display style for the text and it remains the same, only the first display of my Font, No second, no energy.
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