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    posted a message on FuBar 3.0
    This is with the latest FuBar (r49191.12) and FuBar_LocationFu (r47093.9).

    [2007/09/19 16:30:51-67-x1]: AceEvent-2.0-49287:1069: Usage: AceEvent20Frame:RegisterEvent("event")
    AceEvent-2.0-49287:1078: in main chunk
    <in C code>: ?
    <in C code>: in function `pcall'
    FuBar-49053\FuBar.lua:811: in function <Interface\AddOns\FuBar\FuBar.lua:806>
    FuBar-49053\FuBar.lua:924: in function `LoadPlugin'
    FuBar-49053\FuBar.lua:1052: in function <Interface\AddOns\FuBar\FuBar.lua:1044>
    <in C code>: ?
    LibRockTimer-1.0--51719 (FuBar):289: in function <...Ons\FuBar\libs\LibRockTimer-1.0\LibRockTimer-1.0.lua:227>

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    posted a message on AG_UnitFrames - No Group Number?
    I might be blind, but I can't find a way to show which group I'm in when I'm raiding. Is it attached to the player frame, or some other frame?
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