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    posted a message on Skinner
    Hi, i have this ugly problem with skinner and with oskin since some versions ago. some versions more in the past (of oskin) i had only bottom graysclaed bottom-bar, without having the whole screen siinned.

    but currently it's as you can se the whole screen skinned and an obscure bar at the borrum.

    anybody an idea?


    edit: i've forgotton... i'm using moveanythng to rearange the elements, dart and duf for the uif and some art.
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    posted a message on IceHUD
    hi, first i want to say that icehud is the only hud-addon i like.

    now some wishes ^^

    i would very like to be able to disable clicking on the target "frame" and on the target of target one. please make an option to make the clickthrough.

    second, plaese make options to not display target of target and target information. for eache one seperatly. i do not mean the bars and the hp/mana dislay below.

    i like the hut but not as a full replacement for the player and targets frames.

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    posted a message on Detox
    well, im using detox now for some weeks and observed some strange behaviours:

    i have any friendly unit in target

    1. if some others in raid/grp are afflicted by a decursible debuff i cannot dispell them. allways getting the massege there is nothing to clean (i guess)

    2. same thing happens if i'm the person with the debuff while targeting another friendly unit. at least i can repair this by selecting my name in the priority menu.

    in other words... detox does not cure any other unit if i have a friendly unit in target (not sure if this one needs to be in raid).
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    posted a message on oRA2 updates
    Quote from wiseman »

    Yeah big time. That url rules :)

    the url contains absolutly nothing. just some empty folders. what's up?
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    posted a message on oRA2
    I would like to see a possibility to set MT's without tiping their names in. i liked very much how this has been done in ctra. it is really time consuming tiping in the names every time there is something to change, especially for difficult and long names.
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