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    posted a message on UI Screenshots - Show us what you use!

    My latest UI. After a bunch of tinkering, I think I'm gonna stick with this one for a while.
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    posted a message on DrDamage - Official Thread
    [2007/01/28 01:37:07-246-x5]: DrDamage-0.8.7\DrDamage.lua:1914: attempt to perform arithmetic on global 'buffTalentRank' (a nil value)

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    posted a message on Request : IntelliCast
    You dont have to do that. Just do:

    /cast [target=targettarget,help,nodead] Spellname

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    posted a message on Where to get Haste's Addons Now?
    Quote from haste »
    yes, every add on is currently receiving a rewrite. They will most likely be uploaded to WoWInterface when they are of usable quality again.

    From his site.

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    posted a message on Perfect raid 2.0?
    I'm rather sure all addon authors are hard at work getting their addons to work with the latest patch. Please give them some time and don't make topics like this. Addons will be updated as fast as the authors can. Right now it's impossible to test addons (or even use em for that matter) so all I can say is to have patience.
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    posted a message on something like trinket menu?
    Quote from Kvalnir »

    Quote from SpUpUz »

    i have searched in the forums but i can't found something similar.

    You could try Itemrack:)

    Made by the same guy
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    posted a message on Manufac: Retooled Professions
    Maybe for the amount of things you want crafted you can set it up queue style. The way I envision it is that you have the dropdown have options like "Add 1 to queue" "Add 5 to queue" and "queue all" that you can click multiple times to get your desired amount

    Below those options you have a live queue saying "Making X of craft" that updates when you add more of the item to the queue. I can draw up a picture if you don't understand
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    posted a message on NOOOOOOOO! Not a Onebag error :(
    Will dl'ing the standalone Ace 2 cause any performance hits?
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    posted a message on So, I'm A Noob :)

    I'm going through the wowace site and looking at all the different mods on there - am I right in thinking that unless it says "Release" and gives a link, that most of these are downloaded as "Beta" from the SVN? Does this mean I'll need to update each time there is a new release - some of which seem to be changed daily?

    All the stuff can be found at Yes, some are updated daily, some more, some less. They're not usually major updates; most just fix localization issues and such so you really dont need to update (though you probably should) every day.

    In reply to ra1d3n, good question. My layout at the moment is "OK", but it's hard to vocalise what I want. I like that my layout is fairly clear with as much space as possible, but it looks like a mish-mash of lots of different mods - if that makes sense? I'm not sure I want my bars spread like *so*, or my chat boxes up like that, or the Necrosis in the center. I'd also like fairly minimal Unit Frames/Party Frames/Raid Frames, a decent buff-timer...

    Just about every Ace is extremely configurable. Everything can be moved around. It really requires a lot on your part to get your UI how you want, because I guarantee that with enough configuration you can get exactly what you want.

    I downloaded and messed around with //">this" target="" data-ensure-absolute>">this package earlier this evening, but it seemed to have a LOT of stuff on there I didn't need, not to mention, I am completely new to Ace. Don't like the HUD, don't like my UnitFrame/Target sort of just floating, and while I used to use Titan, I'm not sure I have any need for FuBar. I managed to get some sort of Addon organiser with that too, something-commander, maybe? It let me alter the settings through a menu system which made life a bit easier. Of course, that UI was created by a rogue, and their UIs usually seem to comprise of a very small number of buttons - playing a Warlock seems to have me drowning, and a priest isn't much better :D

    Once again, if you don't like something, delete it. That particular HUD I'm pretty sure IceHUD. You can move the unitframe/target and a billion other options using slash commands, fubar, or deuce commander. My best piece of advice is to slowly transitition to Ace. First take out your unitframes and get ag unitframes. Once you get those set up how you want em and are used to em, move on the the next part of your UI to convert. It's a lot easier this way because you don't get overwhelmed and you can set up each part before moving on the the next.

    Wow the quoting system is all diferent, oh well, the info's there
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    posted a message on Minimalist
    Is there a wiki page or description?
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    posted a message on Prat: Chat Mod Framework
    Quote from Curney »

    I am not sure that adding an option to suppress displaying the words "says", "yells", and "whispers" is really in the scope of playernames though since that seems like a duplication of the planned feature in channelnames to create shortnames for says, yells, and whispers.

    I actually really like that feature. There's no point in the log displaying "says" "yells" or "whispers" when it's already color coded. At least make it an option. My goal would to get my chat to say:

    Coolguy: omg like i luv u
    Guildie: bwl in an hour yo
    Failuredude: omg buy my wool fo cheap!!!
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    posted a message on The future of idChat2
    What about Smalltalk? Considering its a small addon modifying the talk functions and it doesnt have the word chat in it
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