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    Well, first issue that comes to mind is one of localization. Commas mean decimal points to some for example.
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    Hah, gotta love it. I think you're better off training yourself to hit escape or enter when your character isn't responding to key presses instead of continuing to press the key :) And I'm really not trying to be a smart-aleck, I'm quite serious.
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    Quote from Morgalm
    How do you get SS tracking to work? Doesn't seem to work at all for me by default. Also tried adding Soulstone Resurrection to the lock spells and still doesn't work.

    This should be working for you now. If you upgrade to release 1.0 and reset your profile then the Soulstone will show up under the items tab. If you don't reset your profile that's fine, but you'll have to add it manually.

    Thanks everyone for your help. With the exception of adding custom button ordering, Hermes is feature complete until more feedback comes in.
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    Try it again but follow these steps closely:

    1. Put the SetUserPlaced(false) code back in. Somewhere right after you create the frame.
    2. Completely exit out of WoW.
    3. Open the local layout file and delete all references to the frame in question.
    4. Start WoW again, login to your toon.
    5. Reloadui UI.
    6. Inspect local layout and your frame should no longer be there.

    Your problem should be solved. It's a chicken before the egg problem. That is, unless there's something else going wrong. I believe what happens is that even if you later call SetUserPlaced to false after the frame was already written to the file, it doesn't actually remove it from the file. It stays there forever. And when you create the frame it looks in the file for the entry and uses it if it exists.
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    SetUserPlaced(false) says to not save it to local layout. That's why I linked the API function so you could read it :)
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    You want to utilize SetUserPlaced for your frame. Also probably a good idea to clean it out from your local layout file once you've got it set.

    Probably a good idea to fix the typo in the db name "posistion" to "position" in case anyone else ever works on it :)
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    I don't know a thing about AceGUI widgets but you might try simplying your code and see if it solves the problem, something like this:

         local aGlobal = AceGUI:Create("EditBox");
         aGlobal:SetLabel( L["Add Global Item : "] );
         aGlobal:SetCallback( "OnTextChanged", function( text )
                   print("callback caught")

    Also, will the widget fire a callback if it's disabled? Maybe remove the DisableButton line or set it to false and see if that helps.
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    Beta5 released, check home page

    I put a lot of time into this and tested as best as I could considering. I anticipate a few UI issues here and there with hopefully no more than a handful of serious issues. I'd like to say this release is "rock solid" but honestly, when you use it, you'll see how much hermes has changed over the last week.

    • Multiple button containers (create as many as you need)
    • Drag and drop buttons between containers (tip: middle mouse button will instantly move a button to it's prior container if it had one.)
    • Tic Tacs! a.k.a something that sounds more fun than "player name bars". Dive into the Tic Tacs tab in the Container config to play around with them. Tic Tacs are intended to be a way to immediately view who has something available. It prevents the need to rely on the tooltip. Note that each container has it's own Tic Tac settings.
    • Take advantage of the individual container settings and the middle mouse button to move buttons during combat!
    • Much better defaults for new profiles. In fact, if you don't mind losing your prior saved spells you may wish to consider resetting your profile to pick up the new defaults (or delete the "welcome" value in your lua config).
    • Much improved support for adding new item cooldowns. Hermes will allow you to add the item even if it doesn't know it's name yet (it's a Blizzard thing). Hermes will periodically check while your game is running to find the actual names. This allows you to use it right away. Note: still requires itemid if not something in your inventory.
    • Added basic slash commands /hermes

    Thus screenshot says a lot of the story I hope. I just mashed three differently styled containers together and took a screenshot.
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    Fun this stress testing...

    That's over 500 frames hiding in there...
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    You're not doing anything wrong, it was an embarrassing oversight on my part.

    I put into the known issues that SS doesn't work. I'm actually a day or so away from pushing out the new build and SS's will work at that point.

    BTW, when it DOES finally work, the itemid you'll want is http://www.wowhead.com/item=5232 althouh I'll have it there as a default so it should work out of the box.

    The way Hermes tracks things like Soulstones are by literally scanning your inventory. If it's an equippable item, I make sure you have it equipped and then check the cooldown on it. If it's not equipped you won't show as having it available to others. Same idea with SS's except I just check the players bags to make sure it exists, and then check the cooldown. So the main caveat here is that if the Warlock is in the habit on creating SS's during battle instead of beforehand then it won't show as being available.

    Hope that makes sense. It was the first gotcha I ran into regarding item cooldown support.

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    Working prototypes, can give you a sense for how much things can be adjusted. And there really aren't that many options either so pretty straight forward.

    The amount of player names shown is configurable. In these screenshots, it's set to 3. No doubt people will not want to see empty names but I left them there to help visualize (and debug)

    The compact layout (current layout) and some examples of horizontal layouts (player names grow horizontally):

    Some vertical layout examples:

    Everything is controlled via 9 properties, for example:
    PlayerNameOffset = 1,
    PlayerNameSizeMultiplier = 0.5,
    StatusIconOffset = -5,
    StatusIconSizeMultiplier = 1,
    TicTacWidth = 80,
    TicTacHeight = 20,
    TicTacGap = 0,
    TicTacDirection = true, --false = down or right | true = up or left
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    posted a message on Righteous Fury Addon
    Lots of addons do this but if your goal is to learn to create an addon this is a solid idea to get started with. It'll be pretty simple and you'll learn a lot.
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    Current design proposals. As mentioned above, I would like to be able to create multiple button containers. Each container would have a layout mode, one which gives hermes the current look, and another which support a more detailed layout. Note that each container has a specific layout of it's own, and all buttons in the container would use that layout.

    For containers set to this new style (don't know what to call it) buttons in it will follow this concept:

    compact vertical layout:

    compact horizontal layout:

    I'm terming the player names "tic-tacs" because that's what they remind me of. Each container will have a fixed amount of tic-tacs it will show per spell. Configured by the user. Grow up, down, left, right, all that junk has to be worked out. Same with setting the widths, etc. There is no timer text. Just a class coded tic-tac and an icon indicating availability. The Tooltip will still work the same on these buttons just like everything else.

    In compact vertical layout height of the tic-tac is tied to height of the icon. Width will be handled via config somehow.
    compact horizontal layout width of the tic-tac is tied to width of the icon. Height will be handled via config somehow.

    There will be issues regarding allowing multiple rows in a container which I have not fleshed out in my mind.

    Of course, the original method Hermes uses now will remain. But I wanted to share with you what 2-3 days of thought has managed so far. Again, my goal is SIMPLE, COMPACT, but EFFECTIVE. I realized that what's most important with these tic-tac windows is not knowing time on anything, but just being able to spot an available name quickly.

    Opinions? Concerns? Things I've not considered?
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    posted a message on Hermes: The great messenger of your raid's cooldowns
    Quick status report. Hermes is currently in release beta4.

    Stability by area:
    • Message protocol: SOMEWHAT STABLE (I can see places for improvement)
    • Low Load Raid Comms (< 5): STABLE
    • High Load Raid Comms (>= 5): UNTESTED
    • Full Party Communications: STABLE
    • Spell update handling: STABLE
    • Item update handling: NEW/UNTESTED
    • UI: STABLE

    Few notes:
    * I've found a couple reasons suggesting a need to upgrade the current message protocol. Mostly due to item tracking, but I've also seen less important reasons such as supporting more than just class filters. I knew this would happen going into it, but I'm starting to identify the use cases. I'll make sure that when I do the first release, that any protocol changes are done before that time. And that it's as resilient to change as I can make it.
    * Added item cooldown support, which we all know is a pain the the butt compared to spells. I expect there to be issues such as some items not being compatible with my approach. I plan to addresses issues here as they are reported until it appears to have a stable solution.

    As for new features, I'm currently focused on UI improvments. Button style is staying but looking into having multiple button containers and dragging buttons between containers to assign them. Also ability to set custom order within container via drag and drop. And finally an "expanded" mode where clicking on a button expands/collapses a small detail section which would probably be limited in how many senders it will list. Say, the top 3 senders with the spell available for example. The idea is to not rely on having to hover over the tooltip to see WHO has it. And instead just look at the button and choose one of the available senders being shown.

    That's it for now. No other plans in the making. Still haven't quite figured out the exact details but this is plenty of work1!!
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    Just noticed the latest QTip change in r144. Very nice. I had to do exactly what you fixed, and I'm glad I can change it.
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