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    Quote from Seerah »

    422 meeeeellion

    Beautiful number, no? :p It was a direct result of someone crossing in front of C'thun's door, aggroing and having him shoot his pew pew lazr, chaining all the way back to me, who happened to be the last person to get hit. Suffice to say, our guild leader spammed raid/raid warning/guild for like two minutes with that. Possibly the most amusing time I've ever had .. wiping. :p Sigh. I miss the old days.
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    So I've been playing around with scripts lately and I'm finding it rather difficult to change the texture of a frame. For some reason, the function doesn't work so I'm forced to literally make a new texture. So for instance my Omen Toggle Script:
    THIS_Hook = AceLibrary("AceAddon-2.0"):new("AceHook-2.1")
    local arrow = THIS:CreateTexture(nil, "Arrow") -- Allocate texture
    local texture = 0 -- Hold what state the texture is at
    local first = 1 -- First time running the script
    -- OnMouseDown - Current Function: Set the new texture up so that it changes every time you click the panel.
    --        Desired Function: Set the new texture up so that it changes to a temporary texture when you click down.
    function THIS_Hook:OnMouseDown(self,button)
      arrow:SetHeight(THIS:GetHeight()) -- Set the Height and width etc
      if first == 1 then -- If its the first time running it, set the texture (it Doesn't work without this for some reason. -.-)
      	arrow:SetTexture("Interface\\Addons\\SharedMedia\\MyMedia files\\ArrowUp.tga")
      	texture = 0
      	first = 0 -- No longer the first time running the function
      if texture == 1 then -- If Omen is visible, hide it.
      	arrow:SetTexture("Interface\\Addons\\SharedMedia\\MyMedia files\\Arrow.tga")
      	texture = 0
      elseif texture == 0 then -- If Omen is hidden, make it visible.
      	arrow:SetTexture("Interface\\Addons\\SharedMedia\\MyMedia files\\ArrowUp.tga")
      	texture = 1
      arrow:SetPoint("CENTER",0,0) -- Set the position of the texture.
      --THIS:SetHeight(70) -- Used to make sure clicking works.
    -- OnMouseUp - Current Function: None but testing.
    --       Desired Function: Set the new texture up so that it changes to the final texture when you release.
    function THIS_Hook:OnMouseUp(self,button)
    -- To do: mouse rollover
    -- Hooking etc
    THIS_Hook:HookScript(THIS, "OnMouseUp")
    THIS_Hook:HookScript(THIS, "OnMouseDown")

    I have no idea how to actually just set the texture of the panel so I came up with a way to make a texture overtop. SetTexture(stuff) doesn't work for a panel and what I thought would work:
    eePanels2.db.profile.panels[PANELNUMBERHERE].background.texture.texture = "TEXTUREPATH"

    doesn't. So basically, anyone know how to change a texture without doing all I did? Creating a new texture like I do adds to the memory usage of eePanels so its not very efficient. Especially when I plan to use the script several times for hiding/showing several addons. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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    Posting old ones?

    Here's mine from Late July '06
    Graphic Language inside Also, note the combat log. :p <3 C'Thun
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    Quote from Facktotum »

    I love those colours what is the RGB? Its a really relaxing tone on the eyes I would love to add that to my UI :)

    I use a crap load of colours for panels. Background of panels (Behind chat, action bars, omen) =
    a = 0.81
    b = 0.34
    g = 0.196
    r = 0.196
    a = 0.94
    r = 0.66
    g = 0.66
    b = 0.72
    Multiply by 255 if you want an integer value etc.
    blend: disabled

    For Elk:
    r = 0.294
    g = 0.325
    b = 0.569

    Pitbull is pretty much that as well for all. I'm still relatively new to Pitbull. I just stopped using DUF, which is customizable to the nth degree so I'm not quite used to limitations yet. I long for being able to give each bar its own texture :(

    Grid unit health:
    r = 0.21
    g = 0.25
    b = 0.455
    background is black

    Hope that helps. :)
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    I saw someone, I don't remember who as it took me a while to find the right solution, was trying to get a macro to switch tabs and Fane wouldn't switch colours accordingly. Well try:
    /run local a, tab, c=DOCKED_CHAT_FRAMES for i=1, #a do if a[i]==SELECTED_DOCK_FRAME then c=a[i+1] break; end end c=c or a[1] tab = getglobal(c:GetName().."Tab") tab:Click()

    It works for me beautifully. Rather than switch and scroll down, it finds the tab and clicks it. Activates the colour switching in Fane that way. Hope that helps. :)


    Here's my UI: http://theomegaguild.net/WoWScreens/UI/120107.jpeg

    Its based on the unreleased No Simpathy 1.4 with quite a few modifications to get it to my liking. I still need to tweak EBB a bit more, I recently got Cowtip and haven't had much time to play around. Every button save buffs/Portals/professions is indeed mapped, as well as ~10 hidden ones that I don't need to see. I also have Geist with another 12 buttons. Still working on Omen a bit. I hate the headings is all I know. Apart from that I <3 My UI. It has undergone like several huge changes in a four month period but I think I'm finally settling on something. I just need to move minimap + buttons and it'll be pretty much done. I just can't find anywhere to put it that feels right.
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