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    posted a message on ItemValue
    Any chance we can get ItemValue_DrDamage working for Hunters? It gives strength a value of .28 when I input Auto Shot and other ranged attacks into a DrDamage_Melee set.
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    posted a message on Question WAU vs.
    Quote from OrionShock »

    Daige no, functionaly WAU and the File site are the SAME exact version.

    WAU is an Installer, where as the File Site is ment more for single addon distribution. WAU will "Unpack" the file making them "Load On ?Damand". some times you have problems ... sometimes you don't

    for the most part LoD addons have issues with What sequence they load in.

    Ah ha! Unchecked the "Unpack Addons" options and that did the trick. Cartographer installed with no errors.

    Thank you so much for your help.
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    posted a message on Question WAU vs.
    I was having some problems with an error (Cartographer_Notes\Notes.lua:3311: attempt to index field 'externalDBs' (a nil value)) so I tried updating my addons folder again using WAU.

    No dice.

    I decided to look at the file online through That's when I discovered that the version I downloaded through WAU was different than what I found on

    The WAU version of Cartographer consisted of numerous folders, including Cartograher_LookNFeel, Cartographer_Notes, Cartographer_GuildPositions, etc.

    The version of Cartographer consisted of a single Cartographer folder with all of the folders consolidated inside of it.

    The version did not give me the errors that the WAU version gave.

    My question is, why am I looking at two different versions, and why are they different? Why did the WAU version give me an error? Is the version more up-to-date?

    Thank you for your help.
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