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    posted a message on BuffEnough - are you?
    Great addon, I use alongside debuffenough..

    I have it active when solo on my warrior but I can never get buff enough as it counts battle shout and commanding shout as the required buffs. In a raid with two warriors this doesn't matter as I can get both buffs but solo I can't.. Can I make the status thing show green if I have either of these buffs when solo and if so, how do I do it?

    Secondly, debuffenough only shows it checker window when I have a mob targetted, would it be possible to also make buffenough work the same way? (i.e only show when I am actively fighting a mob?)

    Cheers :)
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    posted a message on HeadCount - Raid attendance and loot tracker
    great addon, been using it for some while now and love how its feature list keeps growing but it still remains nice and simple to use - great work in that respect :)

    teeny tiny issue with the phpbb export option. The code it exports for pasting into the forum (I use simplemachines forums actually but the code still works nicely)..

    [b ][u ]Naxxramas (Normal)[/ b][/ u]

    Thats what is exported by the exporter part when as far as I know it should be:
    [u ][b ]Naxxramas (Normal)[/ b][/ u]

    (hmm.. would it be possible to maybe change the layout slightly so that the people in the raid is as it is now, but instead of having loot seperate from the bosses, the loot is added as subsection of the bosses instead?.. summat like..)

    Naxxramas (Normal)[/u]
    12/23/2008 20:58:29 - 12/24/2008 15:29:30
        * Deafknight (Paladin)
          Raid: 02:55:48, Standby: 00:00:00, Offline: 00:46:04
        * Hack (Warrior)
          Raid: 03:41:52, Standby: 00:00:00, Offline: 00:00:00
        * Jagiell (Paladin)
          Raid: 03:35:14, Standby: 00:00:00, Offline: 00:00:00
        * Kazilk (Warrior)
          Raid: 02:52:37, Standby: 00:00:00, Offline: 00:00:00
        * Moostick (Druid)
          Raid: 02:49:08, Standby: 00:00:00, Offline: 00:00:00
        * Niak (Druid)
          Raid: 03:37:05, Standby: 00:00:00, Offline: 00:00:00
        * Norix (Paladin)
          Raid: 03:08:25, Standby: 00:00:00, Offline: 00:02:34
        * Noxie (Mage)
          Raid: 02:54:44, Standby: 00:00:00, Offline: 00:00:00
        * Royer (Mage)
          Raid: 02:47:33, Standby: 00:00:00, Offline: 00:00:00
        * Verbascum (Priest)
          Raid: 02:43:41, Standby: 00:00:00, Offline: 00:00:00
    Boss kills:
        * Kel'Thuzad at 12/23/2008 22:34:46
           * [Helm of the Lost Vanquisher] by Moostick (Cost: 0)
           * [Kel'Thuzad's Reach] by Hack (Cost: 0)
           * [Staff of the Plaguehound] by Niak (Cost: 0)
        * Sartharion at 12/23/2008 23:39:04
           * [Gloves of the Lost Protector] by Hack (Cost: 0)
           * [Circle of Arcane Streams] by Noxie (Cost: 0)
           * [Dragon Hide Bag] by Verbascum (Cost: 0)
           * [Satchel of Spoils] by Norix (Cost: 0)

    If this is too much then I am willing to give it a go myself of course, which files am I looking at editing to adjust the end resulted export? :)
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    posted a message on Broker_HitCrit [official thread]
    Still using the addon and loving it..

    I did make a post on the feature requests page a couple of weeks ago now regarding being able to click a entry to have it pasted into the open chat edit box at the time. You said you were waiting a update on the display mod (guessing its the LibQTip / Click library) to be able to do this.. any progress in this regard? :)

    Secondly, I love how much detail it goes into for the tooltip but is it possible to add options to disable specific categories from being shown? been a melee dps I am not too interested nature (or other) damage that I may happen to do somehow or other (same with healing, not got much interest in seeing how much my bandage healed and enraged regen etc)..

    Thank you and have a great christmas! :D

    To clarify my second request. In the screenshot you have provided I would like to be able to not display the whole of the 'Healing' section and also disable the showing of the 'fire' and 'shadow' damage - the reason I ask for this is that the window that pops up at the moment takes up pretty much all my screen with extra information I am not particularly interested in seeing! :D
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    posted a message on ag_Pimpster offical thread
    would it be feasible to be able to select a different bar texture per bar out of interest? decided to try and do something different tonight but it wasn't really easy enough to do but being able to select bar texture for bar on the unit would make it much easier. Made some bar textures up and put them in My Media and thought it would be nice if I could define what is used for each bar (As well as the strata adjustment settings I mentioned in my previous post).

    Oh, and related to the above again, being able to disable or change the colour per class option would be pretty nifty too.

    I understand that it is quite a lot to ask for and I appreciate that you don't want to get bogged down with developing this mod with the release of the expan within a couple of days.

    (I understand that this route would probably make the UF's a bit more bloated perhaps?)
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    posted a message on Acheron - Death Reports [official thread]
    Quote from Neo
    Is it possible to add in a menu to show you who died in chronological order?

    to which Nickodemus replied with the folowing link:

    since the forum change over though this doesnt work..

    So, is there any plans to allow for a chronological death order in an encounter (or is it already in and I am missing how you access it..). I guessed I would be looking for a list of the boss encounters done in the night, click the encounter, it then shows who died in what order and if you click the persons name it then shows you what heals/damage/buffs etc like it does now (would have been handy for example last night with the people I was in MH with doing Archimonde so I knew who was noobing up more often than not etc..

    (apologies for asking if this is already implemented somewhere, pointers of where to look would be great :) )
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    posted a message on ag_Pimpster offical thread
    amazing kagaro..

    So much for wotlk, gonna be setting UF's up more than anything now ;)

    Didnt find a problem when I was playing with pimpster briefly (had to go back to the normal mode as I had a raid coming up). After going back to normal mode however I found that a lot of the frames were no longer displaying correctly even after a /rl - didnt bother me that much as they are a fast thing to fix :).

    Got a request though.. (well 2, just remembered the other one!)
    1/ Ability to actually hide the background totally (or set its alpha to zero if thats used as the anchor point?). I am setting upa few textures at the moment and the background gets in the way of them kinda.
    2/ Linked to the above, I am setting these texture sup so that some parts go over the bars and some parts under. Not sure its needed yet while I am experimenting but would it be possible to be able to set a strata/level for the individual bars and text? (infact this would maybe allow for the rage/power bar to sit behind the health bar.. ooh.. I am getting ideas now, better stop thinking til I know if it can be done!)

    Many thanks for this great addition to a already great UF (thanks to AG for that!)
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    posted a message on kgPanels Offical Thread
    Hey all.. well. I just went through 70 pages of posts trying to find a script or something as follows:

    I play a warrior and I want to be able to assign a specific texture to be on screen depending on my stance. I have got the textures made up over the last day or so (tok me a bit to work out how the alpha channel thing worked). I am sure that in the past I used to have something like this working but I thing that was when I was using DUF/DAB a couple of years ago..

    so err. yeah, show a grpahic when I am in battle stance, change graphic to another when I am in defensive stance and again the same for berserker stance..

    Any help/tips or advice greatly appreciated - thank you :)
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    posted a message on Broker_Volume ?? :)
    So, has anyone taken up on this idea? :)
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    posted a message on Broker_Volume ?? :)
    Thanks for the replies :)

    I was thinking a little further into this afterwards with a friend who is also looking for a volume control. Basically the only reasons I adjust in game sound settings is when I am using TS/Vent for raids/chatting with others. Normally the in game sound can be too loud to hear whats happening over the voice comms so perhaps, if possible a way of setting up a few different profiles for volume settings might be easier? (a gui config window for defining the profile name and the volume setting for that profile and then mouse over the broker menu to select one of the profiles that you define?)
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    posted a message on [Pitbull] Player, Target, TT & Pet => health, power & name problem
    click link above from my post and then look on the right hand side of the screen under the 'Authors' block.. the one titled 'Recent Files' may give you a hint.. (these are beta versions as far as I know though, they aint pushed through to curse so don't be upset if you get a UI error or summat..)
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    posted a message on [Pitbull] Player, Target, TT & Pet => health, power & name problem
    I think (and I aint 100% sure on this, sorry) that its to do with he 3.0 patch hitting us. The health values of the enemy and (?) npc's are available from the default UI now so that mods like libmobhealth n addons like that don't need to estimate the targets health any more..

    The Pitbull update (r1748) I looked at yesterday had this on its update notes by ckknight: 'remove LibMobHealth-4.0, it has issues and is going away for WoW 3.0 anyway' there have been numerous other updates to it since then too, have a look at the project page - maybe the latest version on there will work for you? (I know it fixed a problem I had)

    http://www.wowace.com/projects/pit-bull/ (latest release at the time of this reply is umm.. r1752)
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    posted a message on Broker_Volume ?? :)

    Subject says it all really. Does anyone know if there is a Volume control for the LDB stuff yet? I have tried VolumeFu via the Fubar2Broker but unfortunately it doesn't work (I guess this is due to tablet lib or something?).

    I even thought I would have a go at making one thinking it wouldnt be to bad to make but umm.. I honestly don't have a clue about coding anything.

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