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    posted a message on Skada: a damage meter
    Quote from Xinhuan
    The text (names, values, %) in that screenshot of Omen and Skada is unreadable, as such the screenshot borders on being nearly useless for debugging purposes. Try uploading a full sized screenshot.

    Grr.. I didnt realise photobucket resized images by dafault!

    I have reuploaded the image now but it should be full size this time when you follow this ones link..

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    posted a message on Main Tank Window
    Hiya, might be a simple quick easy question this..

    Is there an alternative way to display the main tank frames other than using Ora2's built in way? I used to run pitbull3 and used it from there but I have now moved away from pb3 and tried a few alternatives, none of which had main tank frame support at the time.

    Is there a standalone addon for main tank frames (and main assist at that I guess)?
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    posted a message on Skada: a damage meter
    Quote from DrunkenDonkey

    2. (major) Can you add interrupts too?

    Think this is part of the 'SkadaDispels' part, I am 99% sure I got a interrupt bar on my skada anyway - just checked the directory and its got a 'interupts.lua' within so just make sure you have the dispell part of the addon running :)
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    posted a message on "/in" slash command
    Ah well, it looked so hopeful and it does semi work but it looks like aftercast hasn't been looked at for some time. I get

    AfterCast: Unexpected event UNIT_SPELLCAST_INTERRUPTED in NormalCast
    and other errors like that when using the mod but it does kind of allow the other code to run too (it runs the /in part but not the line before that).

    I have also looked at CastYeller but that doesnt have options for saying when a cooldown is up, unless I am missing a option (not had chance to test it yet as I aint grouped with anyone)..

    I'll keep looking I guess..
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    posted a message on "/in" slash command
    great, thanks for the replies :)

    Aftercast looks to be just what I need and thats how I would have done the macro for it Dainton. :)
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    posted a message on "/in" slash command
    Strange, I was just coming here to make a post about the /in command..

    I didn't know it was part of the ace stuff, I only found out about it via some Omen message I read a while ago so that's good to know.. now over to my question..

    I currently have a macro set up for my pummel timing, something like the following:

    /cast Pummel
    /p Hack Pummeled
    /in 10 /p Hack's Pummel READY

    It works fine as it is but unfortunately if I press the keybind/macro twice it will start the count twice meaning duplicate spam messages.

    I seem to recall that there is a way via macros (I might be wrong) that there is a way to make a macro stop running if a spell is unavailable or on cooldown, thus I would be able to adjust the macro to stop it saying I pummeled and initiating the /in part of the command if pummel is on cooldown..

    Am I correct in thinking this and if so, how do I go about adjusting my macro to do this?

    Thanks for any help or advice in advance.. :)

    thinking about it, It may be a way of stopping the macro if the spell fails perhaps (and guess by fail it would mean insufficient rage, on cooldown or in the GCD phase?)
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    posted a message on Skada: a damage meter
    Not sure if this is a bug or not if there is a difference in the way skada shows threat compared to omen. Uploaded this screenie for guildies earlier and noticed a threat difference between omen (bottom right) and skada (right meter at the top).

    If this isnt a bug I apologise and carry on with the great work :)

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    posted a message on ClosetGnome - Wear it or lose it.

    I have been trying to make use of the macros posted waaaaaayyyyy back on the OP to switch equipment via macros but unfortunately they do not appear to work for me. Did this get changed in the update a few months back for LDB support or am I just being stupid? :)

    I have a set name called 'Fishin' and this is the command I am trying to use:
    /script ClosetGnome:WearSet(Fishin)

    Bugsack isn't reporting any errors if thats of any use?
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    posted a message on Dual Spec and "Gear Manager" coming in 3.1 PTR
    Certainly looks to be interesting now that they have decided on some of the ideas though.

    Am wondering ofc how this will effect addons. Obviously, IF the Equipment Manager is any good I guess it will end up replacing Closetgnome (shame, really great addon) but I am thinking how will they handle the action bar swapping/storage? they won't add more action ids to the interface to deal with it I guess? more likely to be stored in SV or maybe even server side fo action bar setups.. guess for the moment until they decide more on the api n stuff we won't get to know (plus I have gotten to love Talented over the last year or two also)..

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    posted a message on RBM2 Official Thread
    Quote from shadowrm
    BigWigs doesn't seem to function at all with RBM2; I have to disable the RBM2_BigWigs module to see boss timers as when its enabled it hides anything that BigWigs sends to its typical anchor points. I didn't see any previous posts about it- so I'm lost as to what the issue could be outside of it just not being coded yet?

    It works fine for me, it just took me a bit of time to work out how to do it.

    Make sure that the Bars you want to have the bigwigs bars showing on has the bigwigs thing ticked within its bar options. Just enabling the big wigs module isn't enough to do it. If you can't work out what I mean I'll make a follow up post later with step by step instructions on where to go and what to press :) (let me know)
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    posted a message on LittleWigs
    Quote from Dridzt
    Trollgore consume warnings are worthwhile imo unless you're sure they can only be out-distanced and not LoSed :)

    Trollgores consume buff can definitely be done via LoS (did it last night for the heroic achievement). Not sure how much warning there is possible (does it scan for when the boss buffs himself?) but ideally a warning two (maybe 3) secs before his next consume would be handy, gives others chance to get out of LoS to avoid him getting to many consumes - killed at 5 consumes via LoS'ing last night..
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    posted a message on UnderHood Official Thread
    Hey Anadale..

    Cheers for the mod :) been using it for a few weeks now (the last of the v1 generation though). I have not looked too deeply into the v2 as of yet as from what I remember the borders on the bars can't be disabled for now?

    Anyway, just thought I would post a slight issue I am having with v1 and its to do with the strata levels of the bars upon initial log in. (might be easier if you look at my youtube ui quickee, did it for guildies as they wanted to see my interface working - if you see the HDef link below the video, use it, its 100 times better).

    Basically the mana/power bars are set for the lowest strata so they appear something like this (from lowest to highest)

    power bar -> unit portrait -> health bar -> unit texts

    however, when I log in the order ends up being something like..
    unit portrait -> health bar -> power bar -> unit texts

    to fix that I gotta open the config and flick the strata of the power bars for each frame to high level and back to low level again.. tis then fine for the rest of the time while I am logged in. Is there a way to fix this or am I missing something simple? :)

    Final request though, a option to totally turn off any bar borders would be great.. got some cust bar textures I am probably going to use soon but I still hve the one pixel thick black line on the bars showing :/ (or is it easy to find this bit of code in the lua to disable the border? :) )

    Thanks again for the great mod..
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    posted a message on FuBar2Broker (Unofficial)
    is there an official thread anywhere for this mod? :)

    Just got the following error upon right clicking my Baggins display which is shown via F2B - not had the error before, only recently made the guild mentioned though for my bank alt (is there a way to fix it?)

    This is from bugsack, running the latest version of F2B off here..

    [2009/01/07 16:35:44-317-x3]: FuBar2Broker-1.0.3\FuBar2Broker.lua:279: Dewdrop-2.0: args.anywherebags.args.<Hacks Slacker Bank Noob>.args.Money: "desc" cannot be a 0-length string
    Aloft-\Libs\AceLibrary\AceLibrary.lua:122: in function `error'
    Dewdrop-2.0-90320 (Aloft):2917: in function `Register'
    FuBar2Broker-1.0.3\FuBar2Broker.lua:279: in function `OpenMenu'
    FuBar2Broker-1.0.3\FuBar2Broker.lua:148: in function `OnClick'
    Fortress-1.11-beta3 \Core.lua:214: in function <Interface\AddOns\Fortress\Core.lua:199>
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    posted a message on BuffEnough - are you?
    Quote from Nickodemus_wow
    With the latest version, it should be expecting Battle Shout unless you're prot-specced. Can you confirm what version you're using?

    Was using latest version at the time, I'll recheck it though later as I have gone backwards n forwards between specs about 6 times since posting that :)

    Quote from Nickodemus_wow
    They're slightly different use-cases. Typically, you want to see if you're "buff enough" before you start combat, whereas you want to see if a mob is "debuff enough" during combat. Warriors are a slightly special case, since they have a very short buff which is typically only desirable when combat starts. But BuffEnough should show in both combat and non-combat situations (unless you have fading turned on).

    Ah, I didn't know there was a fading option, I'll have a look for that then instead.

    Do have a small feature request maybe. Would it be possible to have the little green floaty box thing to either have a choosable border option or maybe even better tie it into button facade so that the little green square matches the setting I have for my action bars? Could make it blend in then with the rest of the UI much more :)
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    posted a message on UI Screenshots - Show us what you use!
    Thought I would add my set up to the long list of interfaces listed here..

    I have only taken the one screenshot of it and fraps'd the rest as a video (guild mates wanted to see it in action instead). To view the youtube video go to:
    (and please, watch the hidef version, the standard is scarey bad blocky!)

    (oh and tbh that addons list is slightly inaccurate as there are loads of addons that aint used in it! ;) - in the future I will probably think and have a few mini videos instead of the raid setup as well as the solo ;) )
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