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    Hi there i am the author of the original beSch.
    Greetings Phanx nice to see this finally here.

    Just some things of mine i would like to mention...
    • Announcement is fine to say "faded" but the message for each earthshield proc is annoying, could you make an option to just show the fade message
    • If another heal shaman in raid casts ES on my tank in besch the color of the count turned yellow and still shows the count. This option would be nice cause i wanna see if annyone recasts on my tank
    • The positioning elements currently are only adding/substracting 5(or 10) so i cant position the frame 100% correct. Would be nice to either make the scrollbar adding/sub. 1 or to have the option to enter an absolute value
    • Dunno if fixed allready but anchor the frame to UIParent not Worldframe so it hides on AltZ UI hide...

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    Quote from Qanik »

    I'm giving away cookies to anybody who is willing to maintain this addon :)

    I'll raise!
    Two cookies and a bottle of milk...
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    would love pet support, anyone has coded this yet?

    or isnt it possible?

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    So hi all,

    can anyone explain me the difference between Circular (L|R or R|L) and Four State Tactic?

    We do the 4 Point strategy, not 2 Points!, so we used the Circular on our first trys.

    What is the difference?
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