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    Quote from Kerecha
    When you change specc from dmg to healing the keybinds remain but you can put "new" spells in the slots that will be used in healing specc.

    Also if used in combination with something like clique that has profiles based on specc you can have 2 completely different setups between the speccs (specc1 and specc2)

    Yea i am aware of this, however I am a Disc with my other spec Shadow Priest. But I like to pvp in disc sometimes in addition to healing in dungeons, and when i just get out of a dungeon and want to do pvp healing/dps as disc i have to change all of my 1-= bindings to my dps spell bar.
    So what i am looking to do is make it easier to move hotkeys between bars without having to sit there for 10 seconds pressing 1 through = every time i want to change my role
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    Ok, so i recently downloaded bartender after, hmm, i guess i could say boycotting it ( lol ) because i would get too used to it and have to get reacclimated to a bartenderless comp if i was somewhere other than my own house.
    But, nevertheless i gave in and i like it so far, just i have one suggestion that would greatly help me and probably others.
    So before bartender i used my first actionbar for healing and second for damage spells as a priest, and when i would pvp or just kill anything i would switch to the second (hidden) action bar behind the first because it had the same bindings.
    Now with bartender, the main reason i got it was so i could have everything spell on the screen without so much clutter, but i sacrificed my bindings for half of my spells, and i for one like to use 1-5 by hitting the buttons on my keyboard and clicking with my mouse every other spell, sooo...
    This is what im getting at (sorry for long introduction),

    Can you make it so that i can press a predetermined key that switches my hotkeys over to another bar when needed, instead of having to redo hotkeys if i want to switch to heals or dps

    Oh and if you can, can you e-mail me if you update bartender with this option? i dont visit forums often and i probably wont realize its created for a while.

    Edit: and im sorry if this already exists xD if so can you send me a message explaining how to do it?
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