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    posted a message on Archaeologist replacement
    Quote from BW~Merlin »

    Short Description: Universal UnitFrame enhancement. Buffs, Health, Mana, Class, Player Status. It doesn't do a lot but that what I like about it but its has become un-maintained and is throwing error's out so I'm looking for a nice simple replacement. Any ideas?

    Simple Unit Frames or Cirk's Rebar or Default Text placement + Status Colour for class identification.
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    Quote from b0risb1ade »

    I have installed Routes, but doesn't get opportunity to test it yet.
    I doesn't like to use tracking button for such things, because of small radius. I can't see trainer on other side of sity with it. So i installed Cartographer(Rock)+GatherMate+Routes and waiting for some good man write addon for Mapster and i switch to it with happiness ^^

    By all means someone write this but, I wouldn't make it a Mapster module because theres no real need.
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    posted a message on UI Screenshots - Show us what you use!
    Quote from Lanerra »

    Hmmmm...where are the pAddons located? I know where oAddons are, but I don't know where to find pAddons.

    Any assistance would be appreciated

    follow the chickens signature.
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    posted a message on Mapster: Official Thread
    Quote from KnThrak »

    I quite like the Guild Display (where guildmembers using the mod are), is this a possible future addition to Mapster, or should it be a separate mod?

    I would have thought it would be best suited in a separate mod.
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    posted a message on 2.4 Patch Notes Are Now Up
    Embedded Textures in FontStrings
    A new feature in 2.4 is the ability to embed textures inside FontStrings. This functionality works similar to embedding a hyperlink, and should allow AddOn authors a great deal more flexibility in using textures in conjunction with FontStrings.

    The format for placing a texture inside a FontString is as follows:

    If the height argument is omitted, the width will be used, resulting in a square texture.

    ChatFrame1:AddMessage(?\124TInterface\\Icons\\Spell_Holy_WordFortitude:64\124t is the icon for Power Word: Fortitude?);

    This will add a message to ChatFrame1 with a 64x64 texture for Power Word: Fortitude, along with the text ? is the icon for Power Word: Fortitude?.

    At this time, to prevent potential abuse, raw texture links cannot be sent to other players. In order to allow players to send each other textures, we have added support for texture tags to ChatFrames and the Raid Warning frame. Texture tags are parsed out of messages added to these frames and replaced with appropriate textures.

    Texture tags use the following format:


    Currently there are only texture tags for raid icons. We may add more texture tags in the future.

    Available texture tags:
    {star}, {rt1} - Star icon
    {circle}, {rt2} - Circle icon
    {diamond}, {rt3} - Diamond icon
    {triangle}, {rt4} - Triangle icon
    {moon}, {rt5} - Moon icon
    {square}, {rt6} - Square icon
    {cross}, {rt7} - Cross icon
    {skull}, {rt8} - Skull icon


    HOWTO: Add new categories of options

    The new Interface Options frames allows authors to place their configuration
    frames (aka "panels") alongside the panels for modifying the default UI.

    Adding a new panel to the Interface Options frame is a fairly straightforward process.
    Any frame can be used as a panel as long as it implements the required values and methods.
    Once a frame is ready to be used as a panel, it must be registered using the function
    InterfaceOptions_AddCategory, i.e. InterfaceOptions_AddCategory(panel)

    Panels can be designated as sub-categories of existing options. These panels are listed
    with smaller text, offset, and tied to parent categories. The parent categories can be expanded
    or collapsed to toggle display of their sub-categories.

    When players select a category of options from the Interface Options frame, the panel associated
    with that category will be anchored to the right hand side of the Interface Options frame and shown.

    The following members and methods are used by the Interface Options frame to display and organize panels.

    panel.name - string (required)
    The name of the AddOn or group of configuration options. This is the text that will display in the AddOn options list.

    panel.parent - string (optional)
    Name of the parent of the AddOn or group of configuration options. This identifies "panel" as the child of another category.
    If the parent category doesn't exist, "panel" will be displayed as a regular category.

    panel.okay - function (optional)
    This method will run when the player clicks "okay" in the Interface Options.

    panel.cancel - function (optional)
    This method will run when the player clicks "cancel" in the Interface Options. Use this to revert their changes.

    panel.default - function (optional)
    This method will run when the player clicks "defaults". Use this to revert their changes to your defaults.

    EXAMPLE -- Use XML to create a frame, and through its OnLoad function, make the frame a panel.

    <Frame name="ExamplePanel">
    function ExamplePanel_OnLoad (panel)
    panel.name = "My AddOn"

    EXAMPLE -- Dynamically create a frame and use it as a subcategory for "My AddOn".
    local panel = CreateFrame("FRAME", "ExampleSubCategory");
    panel.name = "My SubCategory";
    panel.parent = "My AddOn";

    EXAMPLE -- Create a frame with an okay and a cancel method

    --[[ Create a frame to use as the panel ]] --
    local panel = CreateFrame("FRAME", "ExamplePanel");
    panel.name = "My AddOn";

    -- [[ When the player clicks okay, set the original value to the current setting ]] --
    panel.okay =
    function (self)
    self.originalValue = MY_VARIABLE;

    -- [[ When the player clicks cancel, set the current setting to the original value ]] --
    panel.cancel =
    function (self)
    MY_VARIABLE = self.originalValue;

    -- [[ Add the panel to the Interface Options ]] --

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    posted a message on Multiple Target Box Mod?
    Quote from Grynyr »

    Is it possible to create a mod that allows you to specify 2 or more people in a raid and put them in a box all together, maybe even in a specified order?

    I'm not an expert on mods, just a casual player of WoW. I'm a resto druid with the usual "heal the tanks" duties. I find that sometimes my healing targets arent all together in my raid frames and I spend too much time (fractions of a second) concentrating on where to click to get the target I need to cast the Lifebloom on next.

    Fighting Void Reaver for the first time last night made me realize that I need to get better organized so I don't have to stare at health bars all the time to allow me to watch what's going on in the fight. I thought that if I could put 2-4 targets in a frame and order them in priority it would make my healing life easier.

    If there is such a thing already, I'd appreciate a pointer. If not, I'm wondering if it's even possible. If this kind of post doesn't belong here, I apologize in advance, I just couldn't find a better place.


    Grynyr, Druid of Garona

    Player targets in ora will do it.
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    posted a message on Desktop Screenshots - Show us your non-WoW!
    Quote from Lyn »

    there are - i think - alternatives for itunes, but none win alternative for adium (and i hope nobody says miranda or pidgin, both sucks compared to adium)

    Meh Pidgin sends messages to people instantly, thats all I really want from an IM client.
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    posted a message on A Bold Arena (PvP) Idea
    Quote from Rhino-Jo »

    When I'm in an arena group I have my group on left side of screen. I'd like to have my opponents listed on the right side (with class, health, manna, and cast bar).

    If this already exists, whats it called. If it doesn't, I'd be really impressed if you could pull it off.

    I'm thinking it could be possible if you target each opponent once directly or from your friend or pet targeting them, then the addon can keep track of dam done and spells cast, etc. to each opponent and decrease and add to bar appropriately.

    I can't think how this addon would help in a BG, But I got a feeling with a clever idea and some twinking, it could.

    I wish I knew how to program, but I don't have the needed resources to pick it up.

    Loads of them I personally use SSArenaFrames
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    posted a message on UI Screenshots - Show us what you use!
    Quote from Squidalicious »

    Not seeing the addon where the power, mana bar reflects the persons class as in Nakawes' ss.

    Ahh that'll be mine Status Colour
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    posted a message on Simple, but extremly usefull, small addon
    Quote from Seerah »

    Are you talking about the "5-second rule"? Other than that for regeneration, there is no timer for combat.

    I'm not certain but I think there is a timer for leaving combat in PvP. i.e. not getting attacked for 5sec.
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    posted a message on ReagentHelper
    Quote from Ringleron »

    I like Mendeleev.

    Although (at least to me), the addon name doesn't really say what it does, I think. Sounds like a name to me.

    Hmm.. or it does and I just don't know it.

    Like TomTom. But, Claidhair(sp?) had a video that explain the meaning of the addon name. :)

    Periodic Table of elements ring any bells? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dmitri_Mendeleev
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    posted a message on Making my WoW playing computer independent
    Quote from Ringleron »

    Let's say I started with a brand-new WoW installation.

    Grabbed all of the patches, installed the addons I'd like to use and lastly, configured the addons I use the way I like it.

    Then I learned that I'll be spending a few days in a relative's(or friend for that matter) house. I also learned that my relative(friend) is also playing WoW.

    What folders should I copy and place in my trusty USB stick so that I can use my relative's(friend's) WoW program and it will behave like my WoW at home?

    Are Interface\AddOns and WTF the only two folders needed?

    (Yes, of course I'll back up my relative's(friend's) folders before I install mine).

    Think so.. but you may have to muck about with the position of stuff if he plays at a different resolution.
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    posted a message on Does EquipmentSetLib sound useful?
    Quote from Dragon »

    None of the addons you mentioned have the auto queue feature and the ones that do have event based switching are extremely limited relative to the 1.7-1.9 ItemRack system.

    I found the Event switching of Item Rack to be fairly expansive but fairly useless as it required you to have knowledge of lua to consider doing it.

    Why not just use ItemRack.EquipSet(set)? and maybe create a module?
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