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    If I understood it correct, it is possible to get all warnings either as SCT or frame # options aswell ?

    Well, I like to keep my screen clean (only 1.0x.7 res) and basicly use WH as an allert mod for inc enemies in a BG: ("XY: Seal of Command", although I cannot see that Lolly yet).
    Therefore I have set it to targetonly[OFF] - suits me best.
    But in heavy battles, my screen will get spamed ofc.

    I would now like to get all messages in my text-frame #3 instead. - Did I understand it correct that this is possible and if, HOW please ? (/wh display ....?)

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    Quote from Pastamancer »

    Those of you that are randomly unable to target people should create a new thread and list the addons you are using. Perhaps you can find something in common that is causing the problem. Remember that Trinity was causing strange problems with Grid a bit ago.

    Also experienced this bug for the very first time today (after DL-ing latest version).
    Though I remember that one of the first poster about this bug (few pages back) mentioned the exactly same postion in raid-layout as I had today (Gr 7, 4th position).
    And it didnt matter if I ran Grid horiz.- or vertically.
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    I missed something ?
    Doubt that I am the only one freezing up on mentioned "click-clack-ckloe" events while using Grid ...
    Disabled Grid and all was smooth, but that can't be the solution.

    Any idead ?
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    I ve read about 5 pages back but didnt see this mentioned.

    Any time special kind of action happens (all those when you hear this annoying new click sound), Grid freezes up my game for some milli seconds.
    Some events are :
    - raidmembers going On-/Offline or join/leave raid
    - raidmembers beeing switched in groups
    - raidmembers zoning

    The zoning one is worst ... like at raid-end when portals are opened, I sometimes even fear to not be able to reach the gate intime, as it freezes up my game completely for 20+ seconds.

    I know that CTRA had the same problems but at least those have been solved, and yes, I know that I can disable the click crap with a macro and that I have to deal with that error-message mentioned here for now due to a Blizz-bug :)

    Else a superb mod, really exatly what i was looking for
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