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    Like the other posters, I ran into problems with the page changing in Moonkin form. After mucking about, I found the following change to actionbarstates.lua seemed to resolve it:

    Line 247
    { id = "moonkintree", name = ("%s/%s"):format((GetSpellInfo(24858)), (GetSpellInfo(33891))), index = 2 },

    Change to:
    { id = "moonkintree", name = ("%s/%s"):format((GetSpellInfo(24858)), (GetSpellInfo(33891))), index = 4 },

    I'm not sure what the index does specifically and I don't know what this does to tree form, but it seems to make Moonkin work as expected.
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    posted a message on Shadowseer Equivalent
    The combat log change in 2.4 killed shadowseer, a very solid combat parsing and reporting addon. I found this addon really useful for stat evaluation because it was based on history, not theory.

    Now that it appears to be dead, is this something that could be brought back to life in the ace framework? I would imagine it would have a broader appeal if it was expanded to include more classes and stats.


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    Apologies for Necroposting, but it looks like 2.4 changed the way VR works. Tried him last night and he no longer seems to be targetting before launching orbs.
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