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    I'm trying to release a rework of someone else's (no longer supported) addon, with clear attribution to the original author in the description. They rejected it, saying I need to get his permission.

    Now he released it under a CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE, which explicitly states that I am free to adapt the work, and redistribute it as long as I attribute the original work to him, but not in any way that suggests that they endorse me or my use of the work.
    Let me make this very clear to you. I don't need his permission.
    But I sent him a message anyway. Now a month later I get a reply from him, he says it's fine.

    I resubmit saying I have his permission.
    They reject.

    I post a comment saying I have his written permission in my mailbox, but otherwise have no tangible proof to give to them.
    They reject.

    My question is: whose dog did I kill, and why are they so mad?

    Runes of Magic -> GuildRoll2 is the addon.
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