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    posted a message on Window Manager
    Every time I start a new character I have to resetup my UI.

    I know I can just copy the the files from one character to another, but how hard would it be to make a mod that would scan through the frames and save their position to a config file?

    That way when I sent out my mod to others or I start a new toon my settings are correct.
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    posted a message on WowAceUpdater - An update tool for Windows users.
    my fav mod for wow yet ;)

    The newest version does not work on my 64bit vista system, even though works fine on my 32bit xp system, I reverted to using 1.6 on 64bit vista.
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    posted a message on Database sync
    I know this is my third post in very short time but I am new so please go easy :)

    I am looking for a script that will take all the databases in found in my wtf folder and merge/sync them with my other ones, does anyone know of any mods like this?

    I use 3 computers, my office, home, and laptop...and its frustrating when my cartographer or sellvalues aren't the updated or the same on each one.
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    posted a message on Hidden frames?
    Is there a mod that can show hidden frames that ties into moveable frames?

    I really like in LOTRO beta how I can hit a key and show all my frames and move them around.

    I remember ct_mod had something like that a while back, is there anything in wowace that does the same?
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    posted a message on Mod to see party members quests?
    While the hacking is going on it would be nice to have a bigger quest log also.

    Most of the quest log mods died when everyone turned 60 and just started grinding..its nice to have quests once again.

    I would like to see some of the old quest log mods get revived and databases updated.
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    posted a message on WTF sync
    Anyone using anything to sync the WTF folder between computers as well as between characters?

    Key being characters, I know I can just copy the wtf folder, or the character folder... I am just looking for a script or more automated way when I start a new character the way I like it.

    I guess what I am saying is that I love the wowaceupdater and I feel theres just one more step that I am missing before I snug as a bug.

    It would be nice if the wowaceupdater could do some syncronization for me and if the mod authors would make some default wtf files that could be automatically placed in the wtf folder for me.

    I am not sure if any of this makes sense...my brain is jello from the long hours fo BC
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    posted a message on xart
    I was just wondering if there are different versions of xart?

    I really like the one found in this package:

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