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    posted a message on Omen3
    I respect that Xinhuan.

    Since it is out of the question to be implemented into Omen Threat Meter,
    do you think you can create a addon on it's own to
    accommodate this request?

    I did try to contact the original author of GoodTarget.
    However, since the last time that addon was updated was 2 months ago.
    I doubt the author him/-herself is even active.
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    posted a message on Omen3
    Hey Xinhuan

    I would just like to thank you for such a fantastic addon!

    Although, I have a feature recommendation...

    Take a look at the addon "GoodTarget". It sets a simple frame on your UI, that tells you whenever you (Tank), have lost aggro on a mob that your group is in combat with. Now, you can simply click on the mobs red name box that the addon generates so you can easily target the mob that you do not have aggro on. Also, another neat little feature on this addon, it plays a sound as soon as you lose aggro on a mob. (Much like the overaggro setting on omen, when reaching X amount of tank's threat, you'll get a warning with a optional sound).

    Can you implement these nifty little features? I would be greatly thankful.
    Basically, just the warning sound when you lose aggro on a mob and being able to click on a little frame or having a hotkey feature that automatically targets the mob that you've lost aggro to.

    P.S: I use GoodTarget, but the thing is, it is slightly flawed. It checks all the currently engaged combat mobs for what they are targeting, not which are losing their threat. So each time a mob casts a spell while randomly targeting a player of your group, the addon plays the warning sound (which is unnecessary).


    Edit: I see that Omen itself cannot be used for targetting purposes. I'm not asking that you should be able to click-target the threat-names generated in omen itself. I'm merely asking for a seperate window that sync's with omen to execute these features.
    A "Omen-module", if you will.

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