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    Hi all,

    I'm trying to find the earliest event in which I can use "player" as a UnitID in UnitGUID("player"). I've tried Player_Entering_World and Player_login as well as having it on a frame's OnLoad script function, and all of them return nil on login.

    As it works fine every time on any of them with a UI reload (which I'm presuming is because on a reload the character already exists) I'm guessing it's because on Entering_World and Login, the unit probably doesn't exist yet.

    The reason for wanting it at the start is I would like to set 2 variables for a lower and upper For loop based on the characters class and I only want to check it the once on logging in.

    Thanks for any help,

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    Yeah the current plan is to have an individual channel output option for every spell for exactly the reasons you pointed out. I'm also looking in to an option to output to the "highest" channel, though I'm not sure at this point if that would be on a global or individual ability basis.

    For clarity, highest channel would mean if a spell is set to raid output and the player is not in a raid then report to party, and if not in a party then report to whisper. I'm sure I'll think of a better word for it though.
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    Hi, welcome to the Chloe's Cast Informer addon thread!

    The addon is designed to detect your 'important' (not cast often but worth knowing when they do) casts and whisper the target that they've received the buff, however it only whispers them if you've set the addon to track that cast. For instance, as a Death Knight it can track Hysteria and Raise Ally. For Paladins it can track Divine Intervention, Hand of Protection, Hand of Freedom, Hand of Salvation and Redemption. In both cases it's able to whisper the targets of those spells.

    The reason for the addon is to provide a lightweight method of letting people know they've received casts like that without having to specifically name them in a macro, and also only whispers them if you successfully cast the spell, so it removes the traditional spam associated with macro versions, when out of range or mis-clicking on CD or what not. Finally, though less importantly, it saves character space in macro's as you no longer have to use the space to type the /sendmessage script.

    To use it simply type /cci to bring up the menu and tick the spells you want the whisper to be sent for.

    Curse.com: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/chloes-cast-informer.aspx

    Development Site: http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/chloes-cast-informer/
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    Hi, shameless self promotion here but I was trying to find something that did the same thing for Hysteria and couldn't so I decided to make one myself. It's called Chloe's Cast Informer and it just tracks spells you want it to and whispers the target of them when they are buffed. It should work for all the 'important' buffs that people might want to know they've received.

    Edit: The project has been verified now and can be found here.
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