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    The addon was working fine until I made a new character on a different server. I copied settings from my original character (a) and now when I log back onto the character (a) I get the following error.

    Date: 2007-04-21 08:19:07 ID: 10 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns?\epgp\Core.lua line 215:

    AceConsole?-2.0: args.raid: "desc" must be a string


    ...AddOns?\Bartender3\libs\AceEvent?-2.0\AceEvent?-2.0.lua:321: TriggerEvent?() epgp\Cache.lua:212:


    [C]: ? ...AddOns?\Bartender3\libs\AceEvent?-2.0\AceEvent?-2.0.lua:320: TriggerEvent?() ...AddOns?\Bartender3\libs\AceEvent?-2.0\AceEvent?-2.0.lua:997:



    Atlas, v1.8.6 AtlasBattlegrounds?, v1.8.6 AtlasDungeonLocs?, v1.8.6 AtlasFlightPaths?, v1.8.6 AtlasLoot?, vAtlasLoot Enhanced v2.03.04 AtlasOutdoorRaids?, v1.8.6 Auctioneer, v4.0.0 Bartender3, v3.0 r29831 EnhTooltip?, v4.0.0 epgp, v2.1.1 EquipCompare?, v2.9.8b GroupCalendar? KLHThreatMeter, v19.16 MetaMap?, v20003-20 CEnemyCastBar CECBDebuffs CECBPvPModule Stubby, v1508 Swatter, v4.0.0 XPerlArcaneBar XPerlParty XPerlPlayer XPerlPlayerPet XPerlRaidAdmin XPerlRaidHelper XPerlRaidMonitor XPerlTarget XPerlTeamSpeak, v2.0 XPerl, v2.2.0a LSChat DBMAPI DBMGUI, v2.00 DBMRaidTools, v0.1

    It isn't an huge deal, more of a pain. When I click the close button on the bug menu the game runs perfectly fine. Either way I would still like to solve this problem and nuisance that keeps popping up on my screen.


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