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    Quote from kagaro
    start making suggestions, im going to be starting HeadCount2 shortly. ive been slammed at work so havent had a chance yet to really crush out the changes ive got working on my desk.

    You would reallly help us out if it would be possible to have a list of all guildmembers who were part in any of the raids who are still in the history of raids. A number should show how many of the raids they were there and a ranking (sort) as well as export to phpBB would be helpfull. If I remove some raids from the history, then of course it will only show the statistics for those raids left.

    Why do we need this?
    The people who are more than 70% available for raids will get a higher rank to reward them. At this moment it is very cumbersome to find out what the individual raid attendance percentages over several raids is.

    if the log has 5 raids kept, when calling this function, we would get output something like:

    Member #raids #available %
    name3 --- 5 ----- 5 ----- 100
    name2 --- 5 ----- 3 ----- 60%
    name1 --- 5 ----- 2 ----- 40%
    name4 --- 5 ----- 0 ----- 0%
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