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    posted a message on AbramsFu - a tiny utility that displays tank stats
    Great mod, keep up the work!

    I have noticed that it's not giving 100% accurate info for my tankadin.

    Miss Chance: Mod says 10.68% to be missed, but on mouse over of the Defense portion, it shows 6.28, plus the built in 5% chance to be missed - for a total of 11.28%.

    Defense Calculation seems to be right.

    Dodge, Parry, Block all seem to be right, but Chance to be Crushed doesn't seem to move at all from 15%, with it without me activating Holy shield, which bumps up my Block % by 35.33% (and yes, the mod updates my block chance when Holy Shield is activated).

    My total avoidance (Base miss + Added miss from Defense + Block + Parry + Dodge + Holy Shield and Libram) = 102.5% - and Uncrushable is 102.4% but the mod shows me that I have a 15% chance to be crushed still.

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