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    Quote from Skylinee »

    Thanks for adding this to WowAce, i just have 1 request. It's currently not working with TipTac (docking to tooltip), would it be possible to make that work?

    This a Grimreaper fault or TipTac, because it is still occuring for me too
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    Quote from Jncl »

    SkinnedBaudBag (as requested by Ninjapest)

    Awesome, thanks for your continued great support.
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    Hi, thanks for the awesome utility this addon provides.
    Had a flick back last 30 pages or so, and couldn't see a mention of it, so..

    Is it possible to get a skin on BaudBag and it's options pane?

    Thanks in advance for a reply, or skin.
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    Quote from Nebel »

    I just commited a new version with the ability to announce resisted taunts, etc. to custom channels. I hope, I did not break other things - I didn't do much testing for this one... :-) If you get any errors or anything, post it here, I will try my best to fix it as soon as possible.

    Awesome work ;) loving how much this rocks across all three of my tanks ;)
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    posted a message on StatBlocks v1: Official Thread
    Awesome addon, absolutely love it.

    A couple of feature requests, as mentioned above several times, outline and drop shadow on text, just to make it a whole lot easier to read in a multicolored background situation.

    for some modules having font different colours, ie 1200g 90c 87s, or on the durability module when below 25% for example the text is red, functioning similarly when under a certain amount of bag space or ammo as well.

    I know this kind of takes away from the intended simplicity of the addon but would be nice to see it.

    Keep up the awesome work
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    posted a message on Version Checker Whisper Functionality?
    Ok, so I use VersionChecker which is a fantastic addon to check addons that don't have version checks built in, now the new Omen has an awesome whisper function where it whispers out of date clients to update, any chance some sort of functionality like this could be introduced to versionchecker? Or is there another addon out there (that i missed) that already has this functionality?

    Thanks in advanced for any replies.
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    Seems my pitbull bars are acting strange, these red blocks show up when casting....is this a global thing? or do i need to delete my pitbull settings and start again? only started happening after i updated and started making a new ui for my alt...

    thanks in advance for any help.
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    posted a message on OptiTaunt - Official Thread
    Woot for 2.4 compatibilty ;)

    Would it be possible to specify a custom channel for announces rather than just the party/raid chat? i would love to send this to tank channel as well for example, or some of them only to tank channel...
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    posted a message on UI Screenshots - Show us what you use!
    My wip as of 2.4


    Main Addons

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    Quote from Jncl »

    Have you got both the Dewdrop and Tablet skins in the SkinMe directory? They are both required for FuBar addons

    Doh ;) i overlooked this thank you for pointing me in the right direction, problem solved ;)
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    posted a message on Skinner
    just a question really as opposed to a problem.

    Skinner doesn't seem to skin all tooltips on my fubar, for example it will skin aloft and omen fubar icon tooltips, but not clearfont or specific fubar plugin tooltips. Is this a skinner issue, i.e having to write skins for each or some sort of fubar issue? seemed strange that it could do some and not others...

    thank you for your response in advanced.
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    posted a message on SCT cooldowns help
    Sorry to ask here

    i'm tring to add a spell icon into a spell ready msg for sct? or what i might have to do to get a spell icon to show with a spell ready message? so it would go something like Spell icon %s is ready!

    any suggestions

    any help apreciated...
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    posted a message on Omen - Bug Reports and Suggestions
    Hello, just like to say Omen was awesome before 2.4, it rocks even harder now

    Having 2 problems thou and are probably super simple, but was unable to find any info so thought i'd ask here, (sorry for doing so in this thread)

    1. Is it still possible to version check within Omen?
    2. is there any type of clear threat command still in the new version?


    Just remembered a problem we had tonight, with revision 66077 (highest version at time of raid)...

    In SSC tonight on Single Target Mode, threat was not cleared on Hydross on transition, or on Leotheras on changing forms and after a whirlwind...as it would have been pre 2.4 version. Didn't get errors for any of the issues.

    Thought you would like to know, can upload a combat log if you need it.

    Thanking you in advanced for your reply. Keep up the awesome work.
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