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    posted a message on GridAlert sounds buggy since 2.4?
    Prior to 2.4, my GridAlert featured around 12+ different audio sounds from the selection list when setting up an alert.

    Now, many of them are no longer on the list. To make things even more frustrating, half of the sounds on the list are bugged and simply make a very strange noise (like something out of an NES game).

    Sounds such as "Drums", and "Simon Chime", as well as "Short Circuit" are those which used to be on the list, but are no longer there.

    Here are my questions:

    What determines what shows up on the sound list?
    Is it possible to add my own customer sounds to use for GridAlert? If so, how would I go about doing this? I cannot seem to pinpoint the code that populates that list. It doesnt seem to be related to the GridAlert mod folder itself.

    If custom sounds are not possible, is anyone else aware of the problem I am having?

    One last note - when I deactivate a mod called 'TauntWarn', all of the sounds on my list simply go away except for Aggro and Detox. How is TauntWarn affecting my GridAlert sound list?

    Thanks for ANY type of clarification I can get. This is becoming a real headache for me.

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