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    posted a message on QuestObjectives localized WoW will work ?
    Hi, I just downloaded the merged savedvariables for QuestObjectives, but I'm playing WoW in Spanish, will it work anyway or I must switch to english to make them work?

    I will check it out tonight at home, but I checked the .lua file and I see all the info of the quests is in english and no "quest id" field is given... so I guess there is no way to identify the quest in a localized WoW.

    In case it doesn't support localization, I work as coder and I can code in .lua. If anyone involved in the development of this addon wants, or can help me, I could try to make a "locale" addapted version if it's possible.

    Does anyone know if WoW API allows you to get a single "quest id" for each given quest? if this is possible, then all the work should be to change the addon to work with quest id's instead of quest titles... hmmm... I'm gonna check the addon code to see how does it manage quests ;)

    Cheers, any input is welcome
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    posted a message on Cartographer: Quest Objectives -- share your database here!
    Hi guys, do you think this databases will work with spanish version?

    I could switch again to english, but I prefer keeping spanish version as much as I can.

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