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    Heh, I used that UI, and it's successors for a long, long time in EQ, Cairenn, before I went minimalist and started running Aya instead. Was always a solid interface, if a bit hard on the eyes. Probably would have stuck with it if I hadn't started raiding and started needing a UI with less space taken for more displayed information.

    Honestly, that's one of the things I'm looking forward to in 1.8... I think with the introduction of the Viewport command, and the WoW basic UI becoming completely replacable we're going to see the same sort of boom that EQ had when it's interface first became customizable.
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    I think one must-have feature, for those that like to mess around with their display positions, would be a mock-group member frame that shows up when the frames are unlocked for moving around... In the current version, you must have group members to do this, which wastes time and makes it harder to problem solve things like space for buffs/debuffs etc.
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    This is not quite an exhaustive list - I've skipped the bulk of my TitanBar mods, for instance. Red = Ace addons, Blue = Must have non Ace.

    Ace - Is that redundant on the Ace Forums?
    Ace Loot - Because I use a NostromoN52 pad and don't like taking my hand off it to hold the shift key for looting.
    Assist Helper - Learned how to assist in EverQuest, and this just makes life so much easier for that. And it actually works with my pet, unlike most assist mods.
    Card Quick Inspect - More as a fun mod than anything else.
    Deposit Box - A handy little mod for keeping myself from spending money I'm trying to save.
    FlexBar - My GUI wouldn't work without it. Hrm... Wonder if anybody is brave enough to Ace it...
    GroupButtons - This stays off most of the time, but is invaluable for playing my Pally and Druid.

    KC_Items - Setup to record auction and vendor prices.
    Kirek Macro Numbers - A simple mod to toss numbers on the icons under the /macro screen - used with FlexBar to set button textures.
    MailTo - Another fairly simple mod that I use to keep track of my mail, as I have a bad habbit of twinking my alts.
    MoveAnything - Superior to Visor ONLY - ONLY! - because Visor doesn't quite have that GUI yet, and I'd go nutz typing in all those /slash command... get enough of those with Flexbar. ^_^;;
    myBags - Solid all in one bags option, and along with KC_Items, bank viewer.
    myBindings - Because trying to deal with the rediculous base key binding interface is sanity destroying.
    Nymbia's Perl Unitframes - Another throwback to EQ for me... Much, much cleaner than the default unitframes ever dreamed to be.
    SmartPet - What hunter in their right mind WOULDN'T use this? Heh.
    Strip - Key binding to strip down for those fun naked hustles through Molten Core and dropping down to the zone entrance via the express route, and then get dressed again.
    TitanBar - Because I hide everything, provides at-a-glance info.
    TitanBar ModMenu - Dynamic addon menu - contains menus for all my addons that activate the various /slash commands. Lotta mods built in, and adding them is easy too.

    A screenshot of the bulk of my GUI in action.

    By the way Rowne - how did you alter your chatframe to have the entry box appear inside rather than waste space outside of the chatbox? I could get rid of that ugly empty space on the bottom left.
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    I had forgotten 'The Button', but that's mainly because I don't use it. ^_^;; I probably should, too, it'd save me three or for button.

    Still, the nice thing about PetDefend was that it did all of this automatically... Just tell the furball what squishy to defend, and it'd rush off the second said squishy so much as stubbed a toe. The SmartPet version requires a few more brain cycles, which can be... interesting... if things are getting bad in a group.
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    posted a message on Ace Addon Request.
    It doesn't - the current incarnation of SmartPet is a focus management + pet AI upgrade + PetAttack mod - PetDefend isn't part of it's features at all.
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