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    I'm having issues attempting to remove the information at the bottom of the tooltip shown.

    I'm not exactly sure how to get rid of it. There's nothing in my dog tag area that points to this.

    This is what I have as far as the code goes.

    [(if [IsPlayer or [IsEnemy and not IsPet]] then ClassColor end) NameRealm]
    Level [Classification] [Level] [if IsPlayer then Race else Creature end] [if IsPlayer or [IsEnemy and not IsPet] then Class:ClassColor end]
    [(if Guild and Guild = 'player':Guild then Green end) Guild:Angle] [GuildRank]
    Targeting  [COLOR="DarkRed"][(if Target:IsPlayer or (Target:IsEnemy and not Target:IsPet) then ClassColor(unit=Target) end) (if IsUnit('player', Target) then '<<You>>' else Target:NameRealm or 'None' end)][/COLOR]
    Health [COLOR="DarkRed"][FractionalHP:Short] [PercentHP:Percent:Paren][/COLOR]
    [if HasMP then TypePower end] [[COLOR="DarkRed"]if HasMP then FractionalMP:Short ' ' PercentMP:Percent:Paren end][/COLOR]

    Separated each line and the code colored in dark red is on the right side of the 2 columns.
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