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    posted a message on Bartender4 - Official Topic
    I am having an issue with my Bartender 4 that has not happened until Cataclysm went live. When I scroll over a button, it use to tell me the description of the spell. Now it is not showing anything. Is there something that I need to turn on or off? I have the enhanced tooltips turned on in the blizzard interface. With all of the changes that Blizzard has made to all of the spells, I would really like to be able to see what the spell description is. It does show when you scroll over a food item or a potion. Just not the spells. Please help! Thanks. :)
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    posted a message on New computer and updater doesn't read my addons.
    I had to purchase a new computer the other day. I have all of my addons on backup, so I installed them once I had the game put on this computer. I got the updater by downloading it from the internet. It does not show that I have any installed addons. What do I need to do to make the updater recognize the addons in the world of warcraft/interface/addons foler?
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