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    Quote from Aileen »

    We noticed similar problems tonight with Bloodboil and 68254. After a few wipes because no one could see each other on the list, we all updated and relogged. The next attempt everything was working fine. The attempt after that, the ranged dps could not see any of the tanks (2 warriors, 1 druid). The tank druid mentioned on vent that she could only see herself, not the other warriors. Not sure about the warriors, whether or not they saw themselves.

    Okay now we've more or less fixed the problem, at least it seems that way!
    First, we made sure ALL raidmembers deleted the Omen addonfolder, AND all the omen.lua and omen.lua.bak files in the WTF folder;
    then we all downloaded Omen rev68250.3, and everyone selected 'Blizzard MTs' as datasource in healermode!
    All that together made it possible to get an accurate threatlist on the 2rd bloodboil try,
    and we got our firstkill ^^
    Only at the beginning of the 2nd try, 2 of the 3 tanks were at the bottom of the list, but they got on top after some phases.. the druidtank always was on top, and as I just saw in the video I made, the tank who has the aggro isnt the first on the list!
    but at least all 3 tanks were on top after some time ^^
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    Hi there! I wasnt sure were to post a bug report, but the omen bug report thread seemed
    a little bit long, so Ill be posting here instead ^^
    Firt off, big thanks to antiarc and the team! You surely put lots of effort into this,
    always were happy with it ;)
    ATM we're using version rev68250, at least that was the version the whole raid updated
    to today before we went BT.
    Since patch 2.4 you surely fixed a lot of threat-related bugs, it seems to be working
    fine now with normal bosses and trashmobs, at least in singletarget mode..
    But whenever we encounter certain bosses, it seems to be crashing, at least when we
    wiped the first time.. I have two bosses as examples right now, Teron Gorefiend and
    Gurtogg Bloodboil!
    Teron we tried last week with a much older omen version, and somehow some threads from
    previous tries didnt delete, sometimes from pets, sometimes from raidmembers themselves..
    unfortunately, at that time the /omen clear toggle didnt exist ^^
    I am not sure anymore, but it could well be that it worked fine in the first try!

    but anyways, back to v68250 and Bloodboil!
    As far as the raid could see, all three tanks showed up correctly in the list,
    and it was working fine, but as soon as we started the second try, some tanks didnt even show up
    in the list (not for us and not for themselves ^^), some dps always saw healers on top;
    /omen clear didnt help a thing, so I thought perhaps omen somehow crashed on some pcs, so
    they couldnt sync in their own threat..
    Somewhere I read a post regarding a druid tank who didnt show up in the raids omen, so
    perhaps somewhere there is a bug, because it seemed that for one tankdruid in our guild
    this not showing up happend more often/faster than for warriortanks.
    The only thing that seemed to be working here, was that the tanks did a relog before each try,
    and the rest who seemed to have a display bug.. didnt test it thorougly enough though,
    the raid didnt seem to have fun always updating omen before each raid, and relogging after
    each try ^^

    So my first question is, could this be related to a omen setting? somewhere I read another post
    saying that it could be some option in healermode from where to get its data (blizzard setting vs
    ora2 setting), but as far as I know, that only sets where to get the mt list...
    as we only set mts with ora2 or ct_raid, not with the /maintank command, I thought that couldnt be the problem..
    but Id gladly try that in the next raid, setting all raidmembers to get their data from ora2 or blizzard setting!
    another question regarding this would be, if it could help our problem at all if we all would update to the newest ora2?
    Atm, some members have old version, some have ctraid some have nothing at all!

    Second question, what could we do to help identify the problem?
    again, thanks alot, and I hope we get a working omen soon, or it already works and we only have to update some other addons
    or change some settings ;)

    -if you find typos or such, keep em!
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    Hi! I, too, would love to see some more mobs on the vulnerability list ^^
    for example the 'Underbog Colossus' in SSC ('Tiefensumpfkoloss' in german)..
    I tried adding the following in function TopScoreFu:IsVulnerable(target):

    if target == "Ironspine Chomper" then
    return true

    to try it out on this mob, but didnt work, also tried putting "Eisenr?ckenmalmer"
    in there, which is the german translation, but it still recorded highscores on that mob!
    So how do I have to do that? Please help ^^ thanks
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