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    posted a message on New to Lua, stumped on slash command
    Ahh, bummer. Thanks for the quick reply as well as pointing out the redundancy. I'm a code-virgin so I expect it to be pretty sloppy. I'll make that change as well. Thanks for your help, back to work!
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    posted a message on New to Lua, stumped on slash command
    I made a small script for myself that finds the assigned tank role and sets the tank to assist; however, I'm unable to get my script to send the raw slash command back to WoW. RunMacroText() seems like it would work perfectly for what I need to do but it's protected.

    local macro = "/assist !tank"
    local function GetTank()
    	if UnitExists("raid") then return end
    	if GetNumPartyMembers() <= 0 then return end
    	if GetNumPartyMembers() >= 1 then
    		local found = false
    		for i = 1, GetNumPartyMembers() do
    			if UnitGroupRolesAssigned("party"..i) == "TANK" then
    				found = true
    				macro = macro:gsub("!tank", UnitName("party"..i))
    		if not found then
    			print("Unable to find tank, is role assigned?")
    		return end
    SLASH_MOD_GETTANK1 = "/gettank"
    SlashCmdList["MOD_GETTANK"] = function() GetTank() end

    There is the code, feel free to have a nice laugh since I know it's probably pretty bad ;p Everything about the script runs how I want, but I'm unable to figure out a way to send the command back to WoW. Specifically "/assist TankName"

    Any help would really be appreciated.. No joke, I've been at this one step for days.
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    Hey guys,

    I've been having some trouble with BigWigs lately that I've never had before so I'm wondering what to do. Was running Naxxramas 10 last night when the bars only seemed to work for a couple of fights, they weren't auto-enabling themselves like they used to be. I think the only fight BigWigs auto-enabled itself on was for Maexxna and the Four Horsemen. I noticed they weren't working when we were doing Gothik. We wiped (haha) so on the run back I went to BigWigs and set Gothik to active manually and it worked fine then but a couple of boss fights later and it was back to nothingness.

    Is there anything specifically you have to do to ensure it enables itself during/before boss fights automatically? Any macros? Are there any addons that conflict with BigWigs that might cause it to act this way I might have installed? Or would it just be wise of me to check and make sure the module for the up and coming fight is active manually more often?

    I was almost in a panic seeing it not working automatically, since it's never happened to me before haha
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