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    posted a message on Addon for targeting
    Thanks a bunch ^^

    So next troublesome question is, can i get it to take my target if my mouse is not hovering any target?

    like the macro goes like

    /cast [target=mouseover, exists] heal
    /cast heal

    So that if my mouse doesn't hover any, it just does a normal heal on my target, and if no target, on myself.

    (btw, couldn't get it to work with shift-unit, however with just unit it works fine, although i dont need to press shift to make it take mouseover)
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    posted a message on Addon for targeting
    Looking for an addon, that like clique helps with targeting.

    All i basicly want is target=mouseover on all skills that requires a target, am wondering if there already is such an addon, since i'd perfer to avoid having the loads of macro's to otherwise do the same.
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    posted a message on Looking for an addon.
    Hey, trying to find an addon for changing video settings, eg. to dock onto fubar and will switch between 2 modes if clicked, or whatever :P, normally running in windowed mode, maximized. However when im raiding i'm switching to fullscreen as on vista there's more fps to get from fullscreen.

    Anyway, tried to use the search function on here but seemed unable to find one that does such a job.
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    posted a message on Suggestion: Clap to screen or whats it called
    So, im wondering.

    Is it posible to check off so i can drag the configuration window out of the screen?,

    Atm, all the config gui has to be on the screen, eg. when setting up the parrot scroll area's, you have to check off that option, then close the config gui, then do whatever you want, and then again open the config window, would be very nice if i could put the window 90% out of the screen, so i can still drag it back in, when im done, without having to actually close the window, so i'd have to find the options again..

    Atleast in my resolution, would be lovely to have a check option for this.. The gui window is mighty big that it is :X
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